343i, We need a more Social Lobby

As it is now, all we get are the emblems of the other players. Nothing more. We cant look at their service record, see their Spartan, or if there will be one, file share. Stances mean nothing, because you cant see them, and everything just seems so random. Not only that, but post game we don’t have anything social at either.

I propose that 343i move the player to the right of the screen like a more traditional halo lobby, where the current fire team is. You could have a special emblem next to the player that are in your fireteam to signify that. in addition, Id like to be able to see your playlists ranks in the lobby as well.

Another feature that has been left out for a while Is the “Press (__) to party up” Feature post game. I miss that from halo 3. If you found someone with a mic that you enjoyed playing with, it was super easy to party up and keep playing together.

With the push for playing social over XBL, and the lack of Split Screen, there needs to be more social features in the Halo 5 lobbys.

Also in game Spartan company integration would be fantastic.

You guys have any more ideas?

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