343i Updates, Social Media, Public Affairs, and Halo Infinite

The community has endured multiple disappointing press decisions over the last 2 years; such as E3 2020 with the “Craig” Trailer, the rush to meet 20th Anniversary launch window only releasing multiplayer, lengthy /uncertain road maps/content flow, and most recently with the anticlimactic 15th Anniversary of Halo 3 showcase of one work in progress map.

I have no doubt there have been development challenges which shifted the trajectory of Halo: Infinite’s launch further to the right than anyone originally anticipated, but the Decision Makers, Social Media, and Public Affairs teams need to take a moment to read the room.

Despite this roller coaster of update hype vs actual update. There are many people who still hold out hope and see the potential of Halo: Infinite. Content creators continue to follow and produce content around the latest updates surrounding development rumors and leaks. People still want to see this game succeed! (Kudos to the Team who worked on the sandbox and gameplay, the core game feels great!)

Bottom line, a little transparency goes a long way. We’ve seen some minor improvement with the more recent interviews, but it would be nice to see the team focus on quality updates containing raw development progression reminiscent of the Halo 2/3 days. Where a few screenshots were worth 1000 words, and generated excitement for what was to come. As well as quality short video documentaries which dropped bombshells of “world premier” worthy updates, gave incite to the behind-the-scenes development, and made us feel connected with the team of talented people who worked hard to deliver the games.

Is it possible to refocus efforts on quality over quantity for future updates and social media posts?


monthly blog like they did for mcc pc. keep the community engaged. address what’s to come. they did great up until they ended that format.

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My impression is they have no community involvement at all.
I nominate franky to restart weekly updates

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I don’t think Frankie should be doing anything Halo related. Back in the Bungie days I would have thought differently. Not anymore.


I think it would help enormously if they had a weekly or fortnightly blog of some sort.

Just keep the info and communication ticking over.

Not every tid bit has to be ground breaking. It could just be touching base with different teams and getting an update on what they are doing.

And it would reduce this insane over expectation that we put on every word that does occasionally dribble down from above (although it doesn’t help when it comes with the title of “world premier”).

The games dead. Sad but true….


Yes it died sometime in season2 when they made Halo I a highly competitive game. First 343 added SBMM, geolocated servers to remove geofilter and missmatched ranking not allowed in ranked games. They killed it with no sandbox features in the game. The final nail in the coffin was the World Premiere event with 1 unifinished map of the pit that looked like it was done the same week just to have something to show up, and then they Cyberpunked the Pit.


I’d still trust him to write; Saints Testimony was pretty great, even if they never followed through on any of the anti-UNSC theming with Halo 5.

A weekly or bi-weekly post containing small hints, screenshots, or videos would be great! As long as the focus is on development progression.

Off topic, it is incredibly disappointing to see people go out of their way to post unproductive comments in this thread. Please keep the focus on ideas to improve development communication to the community.

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Quality over quantity is essential for the long term success of any game.

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Nothing ever comes out of threads like these.
343 doesnt talk with the community on their own forum.
So, to start…maybe they should use their half-finished forum that they went thru the trouble of introducing last year?!

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The impact may not be noticed by all, but feedback through the different Halo communities have influenced changes over the years.

If people choose not to speak up, how do they expect things to change?

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A lot of people at 343 are involved with the Halo Community on twitter.

I think Twitter is the primary contact point now. people like tashi and sketch read tweets and sometimes respond to people. or they will make some sort of announcement on their twitter first.

Pretty much every suggestion ive ever posted here has been ignored for going on 2 years now.
My favorite game series is almost dead, and in those 2 years i havent seen any meanigful interaction.

Some of those Twitter posts are now infamous.
Rightfully so.

They shouldnt live on the forums here, lol, but they should be interacting here more.
Its already too late though

Facts. They brought in an Xbox Researcher to build the framework for their feedback collection and utilization. Nice lady.

Shortly after this began, H5 began making large improvements to its gameplay, especially ranked HCS which was still base settings at the time, radars and ar starts.

Nowadays feedback is gathered from many different sources. Worth noting that each community source has a different vibe. Twitter is a main vocal point and its where you can get into the HCS community, even if you’re not a ranked player, it’s interesting to follow the players, see what they’re saying and root for a team. Reddit is more authoritative. This forum is great for in depth conversations about gameplay. but largely full of complaints/rants which don’t help feedback collection.

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What was the name of the “nice lady” 343 brought in?