343i UNSC Enlistment Document

So I took my time to re create the document sent out to everyone who signed up for the -Yoink!- Mobile Competition back in December or 2012, Please enjoy my re-creation, trying to get it printed by zazzle in a 10 x 20 do I have the permission from our superiors for me to print this document? Im not selling and wont make any more unless given permission to do so. I removed the -Yoink!- mobile button on top since this is going in my room I don’t want an add and its a harsh color on blue didn’t want that to be the focal point.

UNSC Document: Original By Vergin Mobile

This is not my creation and is NFS ever

I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t use this, so long as it’s for personal use. You don’t need to ask 343, it’s part of Microsoft’s Game Content Usage policy, which can be found here

Of course, I’m not a lawyer, but from how I interpret this, you should be just fine, and you should be allowed to distribute this, so long as you give it away for free. Just my opinion.

Zazzle just doesn’t want to print it for some reason hopefully I can convince them they are saying its Copyrighted to -Yoink!- Mobile. Im unsure if I have convinced them the order has been in process for 30 ish hours now. No other emails have been sent.