343i The Community Thanks You For..

being one of the best studios around. For years you have been hidden from the video game community. What I mean by this is a lot of Halo fans did not know about 343 Industries until last year up until now because you were in Bungie’s shadow. I personally want to thank you (& Bungie) for making one of my favorite games of all time and still continuing on with that series. Halo touches home with so many of us and we wouldn’t have this massive family if it weren’t for you guys.

A lot of people have bashed you guys because they felt you ruined Halo with some of the things done on Reach and with Halo CEA. I personally have disagreed on some of the calls you guys made but I don’t hate you guys. For those who do hate 343i I have a message for you all. Any video game company out there that you name will always have their ups and downs when it comes to giving what the game community wants. These developers do their best to make the game(s) functional and fun, whether or not you approve of their calls. So bottom line is the developers can’t please everyone in the massive gaming community and the massive gaming community can’t always get what they want. They make changes, we try to adapt.

343i us, your supporters want to thank you again for keeping the Halo franchise alive. For trying something new and seeing how the community would react so you could take notes to make the next Halo game better. With Halo 4 I personally have a feeling it is going to blow every Halo game out of the water. From what I have read about “Random Weapon Drop” “Forerunner Vision” and the spawning system being fixed along with Sprint being a primary ability. The visuals look amazing, the two maps you showcased look awesome, the soundtrack sounds amazing (from what I can hear in your videos) and your bringing back one of the iconic weapons back; The Battle Rifle (BR). This truly feels like a Halo title and I already have my copy pre-ordered.

343i your team has inspired me to keep designing maps in Halo and has shown me how a leading Industry should run and look like. I am a Video Game Design College student and if I got to the chance to work on your team, to be apart of your family, would be a dream come true & I would accept it in a heartbeat. You all give the community the motivation to push forward and pursue in whatever it is we do. So again, thank you :slight_smile:

343i supporter for life! thumbs up :slight_smile: