343i- Thanks!

I have been noticing the excessive amounts of negative topics going around, and I thought I would change the tone a bit.

I played Halo: CE in the past on the PC and loved it(despite my hate for non-console shooters), so I was skeptical when I heard the news of a Combat Evolved Remake. When I put my Anniversary disc in, my heart started racing when I got to the main menu. Stepping out onto the Halo Ring world made me realize why they did it all. The first time I hit the back button and toggled the graphics from Combat Evolved to Anniversary, my jaw dropped. It looked like a completely different game, yet still it was the same as I had always remembered.

A whole generation of gamers have no idea how it all started, and how revolutionary the game was for its time. Now they do. Now they can see for themselves how far we have come. It’s simply amazing to think about.

After playing my first game of the Anniversary playlist, I remember saying, “This is Halo.” Nothing gets better than that…

Agreed. Also:

> Now they can see for themselves how far we have come.

Inb4 people flaming OP because of above sentence.