343i, So most of what you said in that June presentation was a lie

3 things:

“Millions of armor customizations at launch”

Unless you release a lot more armor pieces on December 8th readily available to the players then that’s a lie. You start with 1 Mark VII armor permutation with 7-8 armor coatings and that’s it.

“We don’t want to progress through the battle pass to feel like a job”

Well…. the challenge based only system feels just like that. Although you slapped a band aid on it, the system still forces you to play a certain way in order to progress.

My personal favorite….

“This is the Yoroi armor that you will earn by simply playing through the fractures event”

That permutation that you’ve been showing since the summer (game play pics and art) isn’t even in the 30 tier pass. It’s locked behind a 20 dollar paywall.

Besides the battle pass being permanent, everything that was said back in June was just lying through your teeth. And the jury is still out on the BPs being permanent since you lied about pretty much everything else.

Just so scummy 343i and it’s disappointing.


Challenge-only progression is actively promoting people to AFK farm for the 50xp & quit games to find the required mode the need for a challenge, it’s unhealthy implementation of a progression system & will only serve to harm long-term retention.


its bad tho… it needs more work

343 absolutely over-promised and under-delivered, which is something that is very bad. In the world of sales this is something that you never want to do because it ruins your reputation with your clients or customer base. What they said we would get and what we did get is not even close in comparison.