343i should sue [REDACTED]

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I am literally sick of pretentious self entitled BUNGiE fanboys trying to ruion halo for the rest of us.
after YouTube shoving his “Hurr 343 i Kill Halo” videos at me for about the Three Hunred billionth time and clogging up my feed with it I finaly decided to watch it to see if it would get it out of my news feed, and maybe sse if this guy had a valid point…guess what…
BLATANT -Yoinking!- LIES AND IGNORANT HATE SPEECH FOR AN ENTIRE HALF HOUR whilst stolen game play footage plays in the backgound. I can’t even believe I watched that whole thing.
He says stupid -Yoink- and blatant lies like Halo 4 has loadouts and free killstraks, and when he talks about the MCCs launch issues he conveniently neglects to mention that LITERALLY EVERY OTHER GAME 343 HAS MADE WORKED FINE AND THAT THEY WERE FORCED TO PORT FOUR ENTIRE GAMES WITH INSUFFICIENT TIME…does that make MCCs launch excusable? HELL NO! But don’t -Yoinking!- lie about it just to fuel your damn hate -Yoink!-. This guy is a hate -Yoink!- despite how open 343 has been to criticism lately. Not to mention that they are the ones who made the lore more than just side trivia and finaly made Reach’s matcmaking playable.
The wort pert is that people are listening to him and Halo 5 is gonna lose out on a lot of sales because people take whatever he says as gospel even though they are blatant lies. Legal action needs to be taken against him before he ruins the game for us who actually know what we are talking about.
343 has definitely earned more its fair share of criticism (like seriously what were you guys smoking when you put plasma pistols and nades in loadouts…Or during the entire design of Meltdown) But for -Yoink- sake if you are just hating to hate like this -Yoink- <mark>[REDACTED]</mark> you need to get a life.
Sorry for ranting. I needed to get that off my chest