Some people aren’t excited for Halo 5, they seem to think its going to be another Halo 4 and that the game hasn’t improved after user feedback.
We sometimes hear: “343I RUINED HALO, WE WANT BUNGIE BACK”.
The irritating statement just leads me to believe these people have no idea what they’re talking about. Let’s take a look at where Bungie is shall we.

Bungie have become unfaithful to their fanbase, abusive to their long-term workers, and over all corporate -Yoink- lords who obey the final word of Activision. We all know they released an unfinished product, and are selling the rest of the game through high priced DLC. But did you know they’ve also proved they’re -Yoinks!- when they fired Marty O
Donnel when he made the negative comment towards Activision who were crippling his art… oh yeah and they tried to keep the money made from his music which they obviously lost against O’Donnel in the court of law.

Now lets take a look at where Halo 5 is and how 343i are doing the best in their ability to keep players happy. They’ve created a once again balanced Halo game all while introducing fresh ideas to the franchise. They’ve offered a beta to get multiplayer working at launch opposed to the MCC failure. They’ve also created one of the largest Halo campaigns with the largest cast of characters which includes beloved characters from the lore. Need more loving? How about 20 maps at launch! Doesn’t sound good to you? How about we try something new and offer 15+ maps as FREE DLC. REQs offer players a chance to earn variations of armor, weapons, and vehicles, which includes over 1000 REQs at launch and more to come, which means more variation in the game as time goes on.

So please tell me more about how cheated you feel when 343i offers gold REQ packs for 2.99$. Does “emotes” for your character sound like a better use of your money?
Not to mention Bungie wanted to end Halo with Reach, to think we wouldn’t get Halo 5, this special game is unthinkable.

Let’s not turn this into a -Yoink!- for tat thing. Both companies have their good and bad points but we should never strive to put down another company/franchise in an effort to prove a point.

Remember that without Bungie, we wouldn’t have Halo at all. Without 343, we wouldn’t have more Halo.