343i respects Halo's lore more so than Bungie did

Think about it: in Halo 4 and 5, they’re actually exploring the lore a lot more than Bungie ever did. With the 343 games, they talk about things such as the Spartan-II program, something that was never really discussed in Halo 1–3. Also, in the multiplayer, they’re showing off Spartans’ true potential. In, say, Halo 3, you were pretty much a Marine or ODST in a bunch of armor. You couldn’t sprint, you couldn’t quickly clamber up things, and you didn’t have “the most advanced armor ever” (i.e. ground pound and thruster packs). In halo 5, they’re actually showing off more of what Spartans really were in the canon: ultra fast, advanced killing machines.

That’s why I think the campaign in Halo 5 could be the best one yet.

Bungie made the lore dude. no need to suddenly start hating on Bungie because you like 343 and think to many people hate it.
TheyThey made the lore and outsourced it to writers who then created the eu with as much liberty as they felt. Bungie as the creators of the canon ignored these authors liberties when they felt like.you know, cause it’s their Canon.
I don’t even think some these eu writers even played the game


The Halo story is Halo. Be it made by Bungie or 343, the story is one and the same.

There is absolutely no reason to turn this into a -Yoink!- contest over who is better. It’s rude and disrespectful and will do nothing but start flame wars.