**343i read this** Complaint about Halo 4

Hello, I really hope 343i will read this post as well!

-In custom game’s setting for flood** I am not really happy with setting in flood because I can’t change weapons for flood like I want flood (infected player) to weild a sniper rifle or DMR and there is no setting for that, and add armour agilities to weild. I want this to be change and let us make more flood games much flexible like a rubber. Because I am making Duck Hunting game, it’s most popular of favourite game in bungie.

-Also I am really disappointed that there is no Race mode in Halo 4, this upsets me and my friends at the big time. PLEASE add race mode in Halo 4!!

-I really hope you will update to fix bugs; I mean is like that when I had a party and going to change the modes for example we were in flood then we want to switch to play dominion, ended up at the screen keep change back to lobby then back to “Dominion” and then lobby like continue therefore I had to go back to menu to stop it. It’s not normal. I would love to hear from you, 343i staff.

Thanks for read this post.

**Please don’t bother on my grammar, thanks.