343i Possibly At GAMEfest in September?

Well, im hoping to go to the UK game convention GAMEfest September 16th -18th and i was looking at the list of exhibitors. It seemed a little bare but they promised there would be more to come. I would love to see some CE Anniversary there and even though its unlikey some Halo 4 :D. It says Microsoft is attending but only mentions Gears of War 3. Is it likely that 343i would attend? Or am i getting my hopes up :confused:

Maybe but most of us in Britain are like, “COD and FIFA are awesomez and no other game is good”. So not a lot of people would want them there, but I would love it

Yeah, most the gamers i know are all about FIFA 12 and MW3. I know FIFA 12 is going to be at GAMEfest and MW3 is possible. Unfortunately i won’t be able to play BF3 or MW3 as i’m not 18 yet :confused: I could really do with a brilliant game such as Halo making an appearance. It’ll fell like a waste of time to go all the way to Birmingham (5 hours on train for me), just to play FIFA 12. The demo will probably be on Xbox Live by then anyway.

I’ m planning to go to this with a couple of mates… really hoping that Halo CEA makes an appearance!

It is still hugely popular in this country, couldn’t take much to set a few 360’s up with it running surely??

Any official answers guys??