I’m tired of giving the enemy team free kills when my own grenades blow me up, Turn it off or turn off Freindly fire entirely for grenades!!

This is nothing new to Halo nor needs to be removed. Stop being dumb and stop killing yourself.


no it would never give the kill the last guy that killed you unless you fell off a cliff

Yes it would. I just got done doing my challenges in MCC and the enemy gets a point when you kill yourself in Halo 2, 3 and reach weather you jump off the map, shoot yourself with a rocket or die from your own grenade.


Fun fact, a suicide takes away points as a penalty. You should be glad the other team got a free kill instead of you making your own team lose points.


Stop throwing grenades. Problem solved

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if its assisted suicide they deserve the kill. if you just lob 2 grenades at yourself at base nobodies gunna get a kill for that.

Firstly, is this your first halo game?

Secondly, so someone gets me one shot, I run around the corner and nade myself to stop him getting the kill which would in turn stop their team getting a point and getting closer to winning the game

OR I do the same and get a -1 as a suicide and still stop the other team getting a point and then everyone does that all the time and we end up with games all finishing on a timer -60 v -48 or every game finishing with 80% people being booted for suiciding.

Not to mention, if they ever decide to include a service record (instead of cat ears and pineapples), people’s service records all being negative, most common death always being suicides, just NO THANKS

No, i’ve never had this problem in halo 3 halo2 or halo ce

Only if you stop playing the game… seems like a fair trade.

Maybe git gud with grenades instead?

Agreed it’s annoying.

Disagree it needs to be taken out, maybe just tweaked a bit

While it is a precedented legacy feature, I feel like this game is a tad generous with giving your accidental deaths to the enemy team’s score rather than simply subtracting from your own team’s.

Reach does this too, but Halo 3 seems to have gotten the balance down pretty well.

It would be nice to know what exactly the threshold is in Infinite.

Be pro life and stop killing yourself idiot.

Sorry? Are you saying you are blowing yourself up to stop the enemy from killing you… and you are then upset that they get the point as opposed to you losing one?

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