343i Please sort the combat names out please!

One of the smallest but in my opinion a strangely frustrating aspect of halo reach is the names of the combat things.

Beat down has now become pummeled, which i think is the worst decision and name ever
assasination has become beat down, to add to the confusion
and the animated killings are called assasinations

for one, the ‘beat down’ medals contain ninjas, who assasinate, not beat down!

My soltuion is simple, change it back beat down assasination, and make the animated killings (which are quite cool) called executions, as effectively that is what you are doing to the opponent.

Other options for an execution could be

I also like the idea of new medals, for example killing from above (ambushed?), or based on the weapon you used. for example new medal and title sliced for energy sword, or impaled for using a brute weapon with their bayonets on the end.Maybe even the grav hammer would suit pmnmeled. This would allow people to see how someone died (like sniped, so players can use that information to their advantage (even if the team they are playing with isnt communicating))

Obivously this would be great with a poll, but seeing as there isn’t one, hopefully people will be able to say whether they prefer the reach or halo 3 version, and whether they approve of these other medal and kill names or not.

Not really needed, I have managed to start saying Pummeled and stuff, and when I do say Beat Down, people just think the same as me and know I mean Melee not Backsmack.

Thanks for the comment. But don’t you think it sounds and looks stupid. It was something that never needed changing, and i don’t understand why they did.

> Thanks for the comment. But don’t you think it sounds and looks stupid. It was something that never needed changing, and i don’t understand why they did.

Because Assassinating and Hitting someone in the back is different, you are pretty much beating someone down if you hit them in the back, pummeling them also makes sense as a medal.

But hey, it’s the medal itself I go off, not the name of it.

Yea at no point am i saying the medal is wrong. I like them, and the new medal and the animated killings, just disagree with what it’s called. Also like the idea of more medals to do with things like that. And more meadls in general, like lots more sprees for weapons.

I kind of agree. I still say ‘beat down’ when I should say ‘pummeled’ but I don’t think it’s really a major problem.

OP I’m with ya…

Changing up the names are just some of the many things on the list of crazy whack -Yoink- Bungie decided to do with Reach…

None of it makes sense.

I have high hopes that 343 is truly focused on giving us the best Halo experience ever rather than just “talking the talk but not walking the walk” like Bungie did with Reach.

Swan song? Ha. Such a joke.

Yea some of the decision bungie made with reach did confuse me, and it’s the reason that although it was a more succesful game in terms of sales, many people who played it, especially many of the hardcore, probably didnt clock in nearly as much time as they did in halo 3. I know i didnt.

I’m just hoping going back to following on from halo 3 will allow 343i to go back to the solid base of halo 3 that most people want them to.