343i Please remove black bars from split-screen

@343 @snickerdoodle @Unyshek @ske7ch
I don’t care if this gets locked after posting, I was just hoping someone could get this to the team working on campaign co-op/anything split-screen related.

As a request/feedback/question:
Please remove the black bars on the sides of the screen when split-screen co-op releases. IIRC other Halo titles didn’t have this and it’s a huge pain when playing multiplayer and -soon to be- campaign. I feel like it takes a lot of the fun out of playing with friends/family by cutting screen size that much extra, and hurts what otherwise would be a really enjoyable experience.

Is there anyway to utilize the game’s ultrawide display support for split-screen to remove the bars? I.e., 2 ultra wide screens virtually stacked? Even if FOV was locked, draw distance and resolution were reduced to accommodate for this, I still think people would prefer it over the bars.

Please consider this as I, and many others - especially those waiting for split-screen co-op to release, to play the campaign - would really appreciate it.