343i Please READ. This is important.

This may seem small but like anything Halo related, no detail is to small or big.
Elites are glitched in Halo MCC Reach and CANNOT use armor effects. This needs to be addressed now… This shouldn’t even be a major issue for you to fix. It has to be as simple as flipping a switch…

In the Original Halo: reach, Elites, could use armor effects in matchmaking. Why can’t they now? Why do your TU setting also prevent elites in Customs?

Why do you always Sideline Elites?
They are equally as important as Spartans. Maybe not statistically, but they are still of import, and to treat the millions of Elite players like we Don’t matter is extremely insulting. The fact that such a simple glitch has not been fixed yet honestly reflects how you see Elites in general matchmaking. More and more I doubt Halo infinite, specifically when it comes to playable Elites. I hope you are aware that for many people, This is a selling point. Diversity is necessary in the Halo franchise in my opinion. Why is it that Bungie could do what you can’t do 10 plus years ago?

I do not mean to come off as rude and this is MY OPINION. However, perhaps it shouldn’t be so dismissed so easily. I care about Elites and I want to use armor effects. Not because it is some random demand, but because I could in a 10 year old game before… So why not in a “Anniversary”?

Please don’t cross post topics, thanks.

As I said in your previous topic:

> Make sure and report any bugs you come across to the support site. Though it may not be surfaced just yet, there is always the chance that 343 know about it but haven’t internally progressed its priority yet.

If you feel this is a bug that should be looked at, file a bug report if you haven’t already