343i PLEASE READ. Changes and ideas for the future of the multiplayer

This would be a praised change, there is no need to restrict certain customization options behind different cores, if I unlock a coating for one core I should be able to use that on every core I own.

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I have wrote a long post to my friend about this but I am just gonna do bullet points. Feel free to correct or add you own comments.

Battlepass + Progression + Cosmetics

  • Levels should be 500xp
  • Level should take between 5-8 games
  • XP gained should be minimum 75xp a game with supplemented performance on top of it
  • Keep challenges SIMPLE, Keeps teams focused on playing the game
  • Tone down the cosmetics in store. You seem to think player will slurp it up when reality we’ll go the other way.
  • If a battle pass is achievable more players are likely to invest in it
  • F2P doesn’t mean that everything should be behind a paywall.
  • Give F2P 1 customization unlock every 5 levels
  • Add premium currency to the pass
  • Use most successful battlepass as a reference point
  • Armour Cores should allow us access to mix n match (DEMOYEET)
  • No insentive to play post challenge completion (DEMOYEET/Myself)
  • Lower store prices. More people will buy from it then (DEMOYEET)
  • Allow us to colour our armour how we want too and sell extra colours off like other games e.g. Warframe (DEMOYEET)


  • Let people decide their play state
  • Crossplay optional
  • Add Player Collison
  • BTB shouldn’t be long timers between vehicles, quick spawns
  • Fix the weapons so balance is restored.
  • Let us play the way we want to play
  • Gamemode selection down to what game types we are playing
  • BTB add BR Spawns
  • Add a levelling system outside of the Pass
    • This could even just give us a ingame currency to buy items or loot boxes but don’t monetize it (Enialat3r suggestion)
  • FOV problems (DEMOYEET)
  • Audio Problems (DEMOYEET)
  • Aim Assist (The Entire Controller Community)
  • Map weapon Balance spawns (SuperEgo366)
  • Challeneges should be completeable in 1-2 games NOT 5-20 (Ken)
  • Remove Vehicle based challenges (Numerous people)
  • Vehicles need set spawns and low respawn timers (Enialat3r)
  • Grenades feel inconsistent (My friend)
  • Some challenges do not track correctly still (Sherbdog13)


We have on record/forum post and everything, words you as the Dev team have said then gone back on. If there isn’t any notable improvements coming to this game then I will probably drop off.

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Plus maybe, I dunno… The vehicle drops like they used to! Now it’s either left as no one cares about it or are too busy fighting or are camped by one team, so they have BOTH vehicles to dominate the team.

One more essential feature for a competitive multi-player is ‘reconnect’. Look at Apex Legends, Valorant they already have this feature. It’s so helpful when you crash or get disconnected from internet briefly, especially when you are playing ranked. As opposed to getting banned for some unknown time.

I understand that they have changed the challenge systems a bit, but there is one problem that still exists, that is players are focused more on the challenges, than on the game itself. It is frustrating for other players when their teammates focus on gaining different kills, than to capture the flag or take the oddball. It totally destroys the experience. In other games, though they have challenges, we still get xp for playing, “not as another daily challenge”. so please adjust the game accordingly.

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I feel like this is the case right now because as is, there is no incentive to win or play the objective unless you have a challenge for it. Giving xo for a win and also skill based XP like kills, assists, medals and so on would go miles to getting people to actually play the objective.

I agree with everything you said except ttk. I feel like players have to much health (not shields). Drop that and make shields recharge quicker, if you’re not gonna nerf grenades.

I agree with with all the changes you suggest but customization needs to be monetizing.

pls add:

  • differ premium routes and be more generous with the bundles/pass rewards: make patterns and texures plus more detailed colors monetizted.
    4 free shades per colortype (as you mention in “colours”)
  • core customization for free: “Allow Player Expression. We want everyone to build their dream Spartan.”
  • FOMO : … “We want everyone to play the game in a healthy manner that they enjoy. We’re not trying to build a grind-machine that burns everyone out in an attempt to get more game time from them”

Yeah. Like, if he wants search and destroy, someone will make it with forge.

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Oh really? I have the enemy UI color set to Vermilion right now. So there’s a way I can make that color opposite the damage colors? Mind telling me where I can find that setting?

Oh I meant just changing the outline colour, at least I think that’s what it does. I’ll have a look when I’m home

I absolutely love this post. I just made a post and Im trying to gather all of the feedback and all information from everyone. If your interested, I would love to have you copy and past this on there. Great job overall though and very well written.

Yeah man, I’ll find your thread an chuck it in!

Oh I see. Yeah You can change the outline color which is really nice, but one of my troubles is I can’t see the outlines clearly enough when the person’s armor color is similar to one or the other UI color I have set, so unless they’re taking damage (which makes them much more visible) it can be visually unclear.

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Tbh I kind of feel bad for 343.

I’m just going off the assumption that the ridiculous monetization and horrible customization is due to Microsoft’s intervention. I mean just look at how they’ve been handling MCC recently. Wether or not you like the new armors, it’s clear they’re putting in a lot of effort for armors that are completely free. It’s not even like a GTA Online situation where the updates are free but you’re hounded to buy microtransactions, they’re doing those MCC updates entirely for free just to keep the game alive.

So with such a highly anticipated title, it seems extremely uncharacteristic for 343 to drop the ball like this in such an obviously money hungry way. I have a huge feeling (one that probably won’t be officially confirmed if true) that Microsoft is behind the insane monetization. If that’s true you gotta feel sorry for 343 in a way. Spending years trying to perfect a game, putting so much effort into all aspects of it, only for Microsoft to ruin it for most of the playerbase by turning it into a grindfest money factory.

I could be totally wrong, and it could very well be 343’s decision, but I have a strong feeling that this time 343 are genuinely the good guys.

Oh i have no doubt in my mind at all that 343 devs wouldn’t have chosen this. But sadly they are the face of Halo now. These crappy choices are definitely all Microsoft.

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