343i, please properly code challenges

This weeks ultimate challenge is to ‘complete fiesta matches’. Except the matches only count if you win


They had this same issue a few weeks back but in reverse. Challenge called for wins but losses counted too.

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You could have omitted ‘challenges’ from the title and still been correct.

Have they fixed the free for all challenges?

Those have been unobtainable since December.

For some reason kills with skewer is also not working

If a teammate has done a lot of damage to them already it will not credit your challenge even when you get the killing blow and the skewer shows up on the kill feed. It’s like this with a lot of the weapon kill challenges and it’s extremely frustrating.

I didnt know this. Thats terrible considering some of the weapon challenges are really tough (disruptor for example)

I had get 50 headshots in Tactical Slayer today, and it was only counting like every third headshot too. Very frustrating.