343i, Please please please allow our multiplayer Spartans to appear in Co-op

I don’t know if I’m being naively hopeful here (I’m aware that the most recent leaks show multiple Chiefs) - but I was hoping to show that the alternative is a popular choice amongst the players. The remaining players :’)

  • I’d prefer for there to be multiple Chiefs
  • I’d prefer for there to be one chief (Host), and the rest are our multiplayer spartans.

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This feature could even be accompanied with a minor plot development, when co-op launches - Chief comes across some stronghold/hideout on Zeta where there are 3 Spartan IVs surviving, etc, just to make the story telling consistent with the feature.

Some arguments why I really think this is a good idea (don’t shoot me for encouraging the wrong spirit amongst the Devs):

  1. From 343i’s perspective - If cosmetics are the thing that brings in money, then it makes sense to encourage players to get into using the cosmetics that they’re paying money for, not just through the multiplayer but through the campaign.
  2. It might also encourage multiplayer players to purchase the campaign, if they haven’t yet.
  3. In terms of plot development, multiple Chiefs just doesn’t make sense. However room can be made (plot wise) to account for other Spartans joining Chief on his mission to retake Zeta Halo or whatever the mission is.
  4. I’ve seen modders make multiplayer cosmetics appear in place of Chief in Campaign, so I don’t think (or i assume) it’s that complicated to make possible. I don’t think the technical hurdle is that large, but I am making an assumption here. If it isn’t that large, then it’s just a matter of choice.

If you guys have other reasons or arguments to make, pile them on. If you have a differing opinion, let me know too!


This is good for both players and 343i. We get to use our Spartans and it adds actual value to mplayer customization.


UI probably doesn’t support it…

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I want the option for us too all play as our own Spartans.

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Damn, i have to admit I didn’t think of that.

That, I’m not too sure about.

Could be, but I think they’ll have to do more than fix the UI to be able to support multiplayer spartans.

Canonically, the only other apartans Chief found on the ring were dead ones. It just wouldn’t make sense for 4 random spartans to appear out of nowhere.

However, that doesn’t mean some from the UNSC or ONI can’t write off a few orders for our spartans to do “reconnaissance” on a different part of the ring. Basically, Spartan Ops without the aspects that made it terrible in H4.

After all, Chief can’t take all the fun. Airdrop some of our bois for some boots “on the ground” combat.


It was mostly sarcasm but the sad thing about 343… it could be trueas well. xD

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All sarcasm aside, this has been 343’s main excuse for a lot of things players have asked for.


It’s insane as an excuse. I don’t know if they plan to do a major revamp, but it seems necessary at this point.

Just have the other players as regular marines?

Or or or or . . . . . how about we have Players 2, 3, and 4 be Spartans Frederic-S104, Kelly-S087, and Linda-S058?

And when we get this co-op update, we should have Mark VI Gen-3 (John’s Helmet & Shoulders), Cohort Gen-3 (Fred’s helmet), Hermes Gen-3 (Kelly’s helmet), and Argus Gen-3 (Linda’s helmet & Shoulders) join the roster on the Mark VII Gen-3 and hopefully the Mark VI Gen-3 armor cores?

  • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUod-a_U4AA_8XD.jpg:large
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Maybe that can be a dlc where it’s your Spartans surviving and at the end the MC finds you.

Honestly I’d even be happy if they just made it optional, tie it to a new skull hidden in the campaign that when activated for your game swaps out chief’s model with your MP Spartan. Call it the Nobel skill or something and hide it in a cave.

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That’s an interesting spin!

At this point, the how doesn’t matter so much to me. I’ll be over the moon if they even introduce the feature at all, I’ll take any way they choose to do it.

Yeah I get that Chief only came across dead Spartans (or died in his arms) - but it’s not stated in the campaign that he found ALL the Spartans on Zeta. There were multiple teams on board the infinity, and Lasky himself is suggested to still be alive on Zeta - likely meaning there are UNSC hideouts that Chief hasn’t come across.

Not uncanonical if he comes across other Spartans. I’m not too sure about the multiplayer narrative and how that adds to the developing plot on Zeta (the most recent one in Season two about the banished AI), but it seems like there are still Spartan teams operating.

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