🔥 343i, please pay attention. Poll, do you want to end F2P & Microtransactions?

Please, vote your thoughts, if you want to explain more feel free to explain below.

  • Remove Both F2P & Microtransactions, charge me for Game & SeasonPass
  • Remove both F2P & Microtransactions, charge for only Season Pass
  • Remove F2P, leave Microtransactions
  • Leave as it is.
  • Other, explained below.

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343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.


points to stack of nearly every Halo game

I’m not opposed to wasting money on this franchise, 343i.

charge for the game as long as I can keep the game I already downloaded for free

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The entire point of doing this is to get rid of freeloaders, and give them a way to make money that isn’t trying to sell us each cosmetic item at 1/10th of what the game is in total. That way the microtransactions stop, and they can focus on the actual game Not if they have made a cool enough charm to add to your gun that might make them some extra dollars, and validate the existence of that one ‘artists’ job.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.


yeah do i still keep my copy of halo infinite? lmao

If you haven’t paid for anything, no. If you’ve paid for cosmetics up to whatever the cost is going to be, sure. Anything over is returned as credits to purchase the battle pass or something. Anything less, you can choose to have it returned as Microsoft cash, or steam cash. (Anything over 30 days, you can’t return back to the original card).

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.

i paid with my time

Sigh, you’re one of those. Alright, well I’ve replied already. Vote how you’d like.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.


for the microtransactions part i not really care about it if its stay’s or not.

but for the F2P part i care since it was all bad news more since there told few years back all that there going to make it f2p that a lot off people got a bad feeling about it and was only doing worse for the game and the serie’s more.

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Keep microtransactions, but actually provide a live service game.

The fact the UI can’t support playlist changes is absolutely astounding. For a live service game they should easily be able to implement new maps, weapons, variants or settings into the game at a moment’s notice. It should be set up in a way that it is easy to do.

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Remove F2P, MTX and season pass. Would rather pay for a game and it be £100 then all this nonsense

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I’ve got the cosmetics I want for half the price of what the game cost me 4 iterations prior, without any cost of entry.

I’m Gucci brah


They aren’t going to remove f2p, players have spent too much time and money on it, there would be such an outrage if they turned it to a paid box model.

What they CAN do though is improve the f2p model.

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I’ve bought every game previous digital and physical. I’ve freeloaded on Infinite 1. My series S doesn’t have a disc tray 2. It’s F2P. 3. I’m going to buy S2 with MS points.

I don’t think that these changes of removing various F2P options will ever happen. To see a change we’ll have to see what the next Halo game is after Infinite. Sadly enough, this model works.

I’m right there with you. I’ve spent less money on this Halo game by simply not purchasing cosmetic items through the store than just buying a game outright. We’ll see what I say about this though in a year.

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There is literally no point on giving feedback to 343 at all. Things are set in stone and they will not budge.

You know that road map a lot are waiting for? This is it, this is the best infinite is ever going to get. Not even adding content to the game is going to improve it seeing how broken it actually is.


Well microtransaction works best for long term company.

Best way is look at destiny for while they made money out of expansion and dlc content but this creates problem with expanding to new players now they have to buy 3 expansion and be way behind vs players been there for ever.

So that model only helps keeping exiting players but doesn’t do well on getting new players.

F2p gets a lot players but it only holds players if it has content and community is there.

So microtransaction is not bad what makes it bad is 343 doesn’t know what they doing.

Halo 4 and 5 they don’t listen to players feed back specially in pro league.

Now they went to f2p model and they can’t take input from players and lack communication.

What they need to do is have play list that even separate from game if they have too. Hell they can add paywall in front of it. Where they take input and keep changing weapons for balance. Fortnight did this every couple days patch weapon balance.

Couple weapons that really need some love and others some hate.

like more that for f2p players you can only play lets tell few playlist’s like lets take Grifball and infection.
and the players that have buy more the full game with campaign can play all the playlist’s there are like BTB and ranked?
more like that?

thats the good effect from the f2p formule.
have you also think what the bad effect’s are in this case you can call it more worse hell effect’s from it?

Put it this way, if 343i turned around and asked me to pay $60 for Halo Infinite after everything they’ve done so far I’d die from laughter.

They’ll never remove microtransations because that’s the bed they’ve made for themselves, and it may be making them a fair amount of money so they’re going to sleep in it.

The only way they fix Halo Infinite is by adding all the features to the game that Bungie managed to do back in the 00s when it only took them 3 years to put a game out.

I can see a world where they ditch everything from Infinite for the next game and start fresh, but who knows. Halo might be dead IP by then consideirng how they’ve butchered the franchise ever since Halo 4.