343i: Please fix weapon pickup bug on Outpost in Firefight

There’s a bug I’ve encountered a couple of times in Firefight when playing on Outpost, but I think I also ran into in the ONI mission is an earlier part of the mission.

On at least two occasions I’ve dropped a DMR on the roof of the main building and not been able to pick it up. The other day, for example, I accidentally swapped my DMR for another weapon when attempting to reload it. I know it had ammo in it and I could see it, but I couldn’t get the game to give me the option to pick it up no matter where I stood. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and someone else said he’d had the same problem, so this is clearly a bug.

It looks as if the DMR is half submerged in the roof, so maybe the game sees it as lying below some threshold. I don’t know, but whatever is going on it’s very frustrating.

I seem to recall encountering the same problem once playing the ONI mission right after I came out of the big door to face the two Wraiths.

Thanks in advance.