343i, Please Fix This!

Hi everyone, I’m here today to talk about Armors. Well, complain about Armors. And no, I’m not talking about more in-depth customization, I’m talking about weapon holsters. As we all know, Spartan armor allows the user to simply attach a gun to either their back or hip without having to worry about ye ol’ holsters. However, in Halo 5, some Armors are absolutely busted, and holstering a firearm on your back will sometimes result in this gun either completely visually disappearing or the gun will hover behind the user in some sort of physics-breaking magic trick. Now I don’t know about the rest of the community, but personally, seeing this happen completely destroys the immersion. 343i, I really hope you guys can fix all of the broken Armors so that users like me actually get to enjoy the game a little more. Thanks.

Btw, here’s the Armors I’ve checked so far that aren’t broken. (There are more perfectly working Armors besides these, however. These are just ones that I’ve studied with Theater Mode to see if they work.)
Mark VI
Air Assault
Mark IV

These sounds like an interesting discovery. Hopefully they see your thread and fix the bug

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Yeah I did notice this in some armours after a Warzone round finishes. A cutscene will show a Spartan looking outside at the door once it closes and while it happens, I notice the BR, DMR or AR overlapping each each other.

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> These sounds like an interesting discovery. Hopefully they see your thread and fix the bug

Yea me too, it bugs me in every game I play to see someone with a weapon hovering behind them. Thanks for posting, btw!

I haven’t noticed this. Unfortunately this is such a small issue that it will probably won’t get fixed