343i new map to put in forge playlist

Hello i have just made a great 4v4 map i would love if 343i could take the time to put my map on the forge playlist to see what people think. the map is done to a high standed like big papa slots maps. The spawns are good the map is the same on both sids also it has to levels. i have screenshots of the map on my fileshare its called Temper along with other maps i have done even if people download it and tell me if its good or not im cool with that you will not hurt my ego thanks again

You should post content where the people who filter maps for this playlist will see it. You can also work to improve it based on feedback. Good examples:

Forgehub (.com)
Blueprint (Bungie.net group)

Also bring it to testing lobbies, and make friends with forgers. The more you get your map out there, the better chance you’ll have of it being noticed.

Thank you