343i needs to read this. Halo 2 HD

I know there has been like 100 hundred topics made about a halo 2 remake or Aniv. edition and seeing another one just seems trollish or annoying. I get it, we all get it, we all want Halo 2 remake but won’t be getting anytime soon, as far as we know (via the 343 statement that “their studio isn’t working on it anytime soon, focused on Halo 4”) But here is why 343 Industries needs to make a Halo 2 Anvi.

  1. You will have all the original triology on HD and on the Xbox 360. So when you make Halo 5 and Halo 6 on the Xbox 720/Durango/whatever you want to call it, you don’t need to worry about any talk of making a aniv of Halo 2 or we need to have the original trilogy in HD for fans.

  2. If you release Halo 2 Aniv. in 2013 you will be like Call of Duty and have a Halo game every year. For fans, this would be great to see the game of our genereation for multiplayer (early 2000s) finally getting the polish it deserves. Also helps 343i and Microsoft get some more cash in their pockets. It will also help combate against the COD/BF and Medal of Honor year to year releses of games and allow Halo to keep pace with them in sales and presence in the Gaming Market yearly.

  3. Fans want it!!! 343i and their partener studios did one of the best fans services of all time re-releasing Halo CE Aniv.!!! It allowed players of past generations to enjoy the game that pretty much started their love of videos and FPS on consoles. Halo CE Aniv. also allowed new players to exp. the game that started it all and lead to one of the most succesful SCi Fi franchises and story in recent history. i know Halo 2 Anvi. if released in 2013 wouldn’t follow the tradition that Halo CE Aniv. set with releasing it on the 10th Aniv. of Halo but based om talks of a new Xbox possibly being announced and released in the same year or the following (E3 or its own pres conference), it wouldn’t be in the favor of 343i or Microsoft to wait till 2014 to release Halo 2 Aniv. On reason is that 343i said that they want to release Halo 5 about 2 years after Halo 4. Well one year comes up in Nov and the 2nd year comes up in Nov 2014. Which if 343i and Microsoft continue the trend releasing a HD remake or update version of their game, it would create a crowded release window with Halo 2 Aniv. competing with Halo 5 for sales. Making some fans choose which game to spend their money on.

If 343i were to make Halo 2 Aniv. they should consider doing the following things:

  1. Create the lost mission. The ending of Halo 2 was known to be one of the worst, if not the worst, cliff hanger of all time. Players were ready to kick the covenant’s -Yoink!- and take down Truth on the Forunner ship with S-117 in action packed level. But what they got was S-117 telling Lord Hood, I am finishing this fight and then credits. Bungie themselves said in their behind the scenes vids and past interviews and panels, that the ending of Halo 2 wasn’t the way they wanted it to end. Time constraints and scheduling had to push the release of the game without a finished Campaign in a way. You have the comic Halo Uprising that did somewhat justice to the fans and allowed to see what happened on that ship. But still robbed the player of the opportunity to exp playing through the level.
    It would be a perfect addition to an already great game and truly make the Halo 2 Aniv. game worth price of rebuying it. They should also include in the game the short cutscene video “Another Day At Breach” before you start the mission with S-117 in the courtyard. It would only add to the Halo 2 Aniv. edition exp.

  2. Use the same teams that worked Halo CE Anvi. on Halo 2 Aniv. Sabre Interactive and Certain Affinity did a tremendous job in conjunction with 343i and Microsoft to give fans an amazing tribute and exp. to one of the greatest games of all time. Also just because 343i wasn’t working on Halo 2 Aniv. while focusing on Halo 4, doesn’t mean Saber Interactive and Certain Affinty with a small group of 343i and Microsoft personnel weren’t planning and developing Halo 2 Aniv.

  3. Remakes of the Killtactular, Maptactular, Bonus Map Pack, and Blastactular Map Packs as well as the Windows Exclusives is a must. I know remakes of Headlong, Damnation, Timberland, Beaver Creek, Hang Em High, and Prioner were made in Halo CE Aniv. and remakes of past Halo 1/2 maps in Halo 3 and Reach have been made. But this can create an opportunity to give fans a chance to play Halo 2 maps on Halo 4. It would add the library of maps on Halo 4. Also lets face it, the maps on Halo 4 save Haven, Solace, Adrift, and Harvest(up for debate) are the only good competitive maps in Halo 4. If you release the Halo 2 maps remade for Halo 4, you open players to experience the best MLG maps and competitive maps for Halo of all time. When Halo MLG was at its peak was with the release of the map packs and the standard maps on Halo 2. You had like 10 maps that were used in MLG and about 12 in competetive multiplayer on xbox live. Halo 3 and Halo Reach had like a max of 5 before the remake of midship (an Halo 2 map) and Halo Reach had 3 till the ramek of Damnation, and Beaver Creek and Hang Em High. MLG thus died for Halo after Reachs poor maps and started after Halo 3’d last championship. I was at the DAllas event and saw the potential for Halo 4 to reclaim its place as the game for MLG. This can only be helped by bringing back the maps that started it all for Halo Competitive gaming in Halo 2 By making a Halo 2 Anvi. map pack DLC of all the Halo 2 maps (including the Halo 2 PC exclusives) you can make a Halo 2 Map Pack playlist and allow players to relive the good old days but in Halo 4 form. You have the BR, gendades, and argueably the best competeive gaming maps ever released. This would bring more the older players back to Halo multiplayer and give Halo more of a push to take back the number 1 shooter in gaming, both in sales and popularity. It would be easy to have all the maps on one disc if you copy the Halo 2 Windows version of the game and the HD layout over that. Also you don’t have to make Halo 2 Aniv. with the Halo 2 multiplayer function on the disc if you are afraid that it would take away players from Halo 4 and beyond. Just make it a campaign and mutiplayer expansion disc kinda like the Halo 2 Multiplayer map pack xbox disc.

  4. Online CoOp is a must. Acivements is a must. Getting achievos for collecting skulls is a must. Also making terminals (which could be used to make a plot connectio to Halo 5 or another part of the Halo universe could happen) is a must.

  5. Kinect and 3D were great on Halo CE Aniv. and would be a great exp for Halo 2 Aniv.

What they need to do with Halo 2 Aniv. CoOp is make it when you die on Legendary, you don’t start the checkpoint over if a person dies. They nee to do what other Halo games do and just have to move to a none combat area to respond your buddy. Also they need to make the Legendary Jackal Snipers like the Jackal snipers in Halo 3. In Halo 2, they headshot you almost every single time.lol
Also Halo 2 Aniv. acivements could be used to unlock Armor or exp in Halo 4 or Halo 5, leading players to want to play Halo 2 Aniv. to add on their Halo 4 0r 5 campaign/multiplayer experience. It allows games to add unto themselves. Like playing GOW 1 unlocked stuff in gears 2 and Gears 1/2 unlocked stuff in gears 3.

I really loved Halo 2. It was a reason I got an Xbox, shoot I had a copy of Halo 2 before I even got an xbox. haha