343i needs to go back to halos roots for h5

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I honestly don’t see halo being on top anymore. 343 seems to want to change too many things in the game. This is something cod never does, which is probably why the population is higher than h4. If anything They should of took this from Cod instead of Adding Game elements From cod. H4 doesnt really Play Like cod but it does more bad Than good Adding things from cod, As they are completely different games. Whats even more surprising is that 343 is so called game developers And They couldn’t realize this for them Selves??

Its similar to saying lets change the rules of basketball. Instead of now dribbling now u can travel. And were Going to use trampolines to dunk.this would dumb down the skill level and make the game unbalnaced. Its like why fix what isnt broken??? Its mind boggling to me why 343 would take the wrong direction which clearly they have especially with lack of small medium sized maps, Bad playlists, and random ordinace. Just another example of the basketball analogy.

Its gunna take alot for halo to be at the top again. But I guarantee things would turn around if they went back to how it used to be with the original formula and a few things added to make it new and fresh for halo 5. There’s nothing wrong with changing things to tweak them here and there but when your drastically making changes to the gameplay with ordinance drops it is taking away from the weapons on the map and being able to the sandbox in a more effective way.

Its funny how so many ppl for that last few years on the forums b.net and this one know where bungie originally went wrong with reach. But somehow 343 failed to realize this and only added more random elements to the game.(ordinance) With the exception of aa’s being far more balanced in h4 than reach. I just don’t quite understand how 343 could have missed the mark to make h4 as good as previous halos were…