343i must tease something big before its too late

A teaser or confirmation for this new tatanka mode would have been a lot better at the showcase. They teased the Kojima collab on a new game. Why couldn’t they do something for Halo


They did tease some Halo content.

You can fly the Pelican in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 343 thought it was a bug so they removed it from Halo Infinite but in Microsoft Flight Simulator it’s a feature. Why 343 doesn’t want people to have fun flying the Pelican is beyond me.



The time for teasing is long gone, Infinite has been in the wild for over half a year. And yeah, there isn’t enough of it, and what there is is in way rougher shape than it ought to be. That’s all true. But a cryptic teaser for “more to come later!” solves exactly zero problems for this game, IMO.

A teaser in that showcase wouldn’t have pleased Halo fans, because it wouldn’t likely have advertised anything we weren’t already aware of (if it did, we could be sure that it wouldn’t be coming until sometime in 2023). And it wouldn’t have been enough to bring back a lot of hype from non Halo fans, because even advertising features like Forge and co-op campaign wouldn’t be enough to draw that audience in (if those features are very well done, good word of mouth and XBL friends can accomplish that later).

If 343 really are buttoned down in a massive way working to make Season 3 the pivot point for getting this game on track with a fuller and more various suite of content, more regular seasonal updates going forward, etc, then they’re doing the right thing.

Season 3 needs to be a sucker punch to shut up the naysayers and prove that Infinite can have legs. If skipping the showcase to spend more time and resources providing TLC to this game (which desperately needs it) was the call that 343 made, I think they did the right thing. They just have to knock Season 3 out of the park. Every additional update to this game that breaks more than it adds or fizzles out inside a month is one more massive indictment against 343’s belief that Infinite can thrive as the platform for Halo for the next several years.


Yeah, they definitively need to put out a teaser trailer for something big Halo Infinite related to revive the game.
Making Master Chief join fall guys and fortnite ain’t it.

If you expected anything of Halo from the showcase, that disappointment is all built on you, so its your fault if you are upset.

I didn’t expect anything but there should have been something. Even a confirmation with the real name and some drop pods in the background would have been sufficient to me anyway. If they just showed us what they are doing, it would be great. Don’t need a CGI trailer or anything fancy. I would have been happy with a tweet with details on this tatanka mode with some concept art. Anything

By the time season 3 comes out forge should be out soon if not already out, when it does were are practically geting a reliable 343 with what people should be able to make.

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