343i/MLG dillemma

What’s the deal, 343? Why MLG run Halo 4?

Can you elaborate?

what dillemma? The only dillemma I know is microsoft doesnt want halo to be an MLG game anymore.

-Yoink!- and -Yoink!- Gaming has a contract that ate Halo 4 up and left no room for MLG

343 initially wanted to be with MLG, but they were overpowered by Microsoft and -Yoink!- Cashhounds [no pun intended]

I know 343i has interest in working with MLG in the future. What I don’t understand is the contractual prohibition of running the game.

Since Halo: CE, MLG and Halo have built off of eachother. Major League Gaming represents the compeitive Halo crowd as a whole. Just as Halo has been a platform for exposure for MLG, Major League Gaming has acted as a vehicle, bringing activity to the games. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Halo 2. The hardcore playlist flourished. What community populated it? Major League Gaming. Even after Halo 3 came out, a good chunk of the community stuck around, and kept the game active. Halo 3. You had to live under a rock (or run only social slayer) to not know a single competitive player. Look at Halo 3 now. Who still plays? The MLG community. Halo: Reach was awful, so I won’t even get into that. Anyway, what I’m saying is if 343 has the longevity of their game in mind, they should cater to the competitive and casual crowds alike. Not utilizing MLG as a tool for activity and exposure is ridiculous. It will lose its competitive edge,as well as a good portion of the community. For the sake of Halo, 343, work out a deal with MLG.

not happening. Ink’s on the paper. MLG and Halo will are done.

What? I just saw MLG halo 4 coverage on youtube. They got rid of halo after the fall event??

-Yoink!- mobile infinity challenge oak still going. After that is done, MLG will start being implemented in the playlist.
Its delayed, not gone entirely.