343I maybe outsource Epic games

Just saying yes we all hate on Fortnite, but we have to give them credit.

The store allows you to buy individual items in the budles
The items are cross compatible with all characters and you can mix and match.

The maps are insanely dynamic and have so much going on in laying like 100 players at once… I’m sure they wouldnt struggle fixing a simple 12v12 game.

I mean these are the same devs who destroyed their map rebuilt a new one destroyed that one and rebuilt that one…

Oh also maybe they can show 343 how to make a custom games mode and Forge…

But dear God they even have a way for you to earn credits ala V bucks in game…

I know right God For I’d 343 actually gave us the chance to earn credits to use in their store.

Idk maybe they will stop being so Stingey