343i, Make it better.

343i I’ve seen all of the Easter Eggs in Halo, And I have to say, to be honest, I thought Bungie, could have done better. You should make it a little more… Mysterious.

Also there aren’t enough Easter eggs. There should be more telling about the Oracles or the Flood, AI. But the easter eggs don’t close mysterious they’ll open new mysterious.

Data pads I thought were a tad pointless because I don’t understand anything, I see a pointless read. I would want something sorta like, When chief falls on the planet maybe you could explore the ship and see maybe some writings and pictures cortana drew, to pass the time. It has some writings about maybe her secret AI, coding, maybe she used to be a real human, and she writes about, just something. She’ll say something like, “That’s nothing, nothing just drawings.” “O.K that’s enough.” “Stop looking at my drawings.” “Is this the way you critizize me?” “Cheif, there’s a whole planet we crashed on, yet you looking at the drawings I drew.” “That one looks weird, but that’s not the point here” “GET GOING” “Do I have to say please?” Than she stops speaking.

Something like that.

Just make it so the Easter Eggs are more fun, creepy, odd, sad, or something, and make MUCH more. Please.

Thats what they do. They answer some questions but bring up a million more. Also: Bungie has always had great easter eggs in the Halo games.

Halo had tons of easter eggs
I’ll let someone else talk about the Cortana part

there was a bungie interview saying that some of the data pads would give hints to the future of bungie. That was the really cool things about bungie is it was weird and creepy mysterious all that bungie captured nicely! im sure 343 will follow bungies footsteps without missing a beat but yet adding in their own beat as well