343i listen to us please!

Get rid of BTB Snipers on Boneyard, in fact remove BTB Snipers.

We have a snipers playlist and this BTB business is just not fun at all.

Even though I cringe at Hemorrhage when that map is plaid because it’s such a
stalemate but having said that sometimes it actually turns out to be a good game.

343i - If you want to get off to a good start with the Halo-fans which can be very hard,
please listen to our matchmaking ideas because this idea has been discussed on the
B.Net forums and is favoured.

But if we played Snipers, it wouldn’t be 8vs8, it’d be 4vs4. And if we didn’t want to play BTB Snipers, we wouldn’t have voted to play it.

What I dislike is very few players know how to use the map to its potential. The Halo2/3 rush attitude is very apparent on that map and combine that with a lot of players not understanding that they should check for flanking enemies every 30 seconds or so when on the ship (at least when there are more experienced players on the opposing team), oh boy yes a game of BTB on Boneyard can get annouying.