343i: Legit Quitting WITHOUT Penalty Needed

So this is something I’ve seen people talking about in other pages so thought I would create a page with a poll. That way there’s actual data showing 343i that something is needed rather then going through potentially 100s of replies. So this is a simple poll about quitting a game.

So here’s the problem. People quitting games sucks, especially in RANKED games where no one else is going to be able to join. Yet people are getting banned for quiting when it’s them solo vs 3. That’s messed up if half your team quits or 75% quit. Then if you leave you face getting banned. Why isn’t there a surrender option? What I propose is that if half or more of your team quits you should be able to surrender, take the loss and the penalties that come with it, but NOT be penalized for quitting for banning purposes. 2vs4, 1vs4, and 1vs3 is challenging and you will probably lose anyways. Why not have the option to save time and “surrender.” Either way you will lose your rank progress. But you can jump into another game faster and not waste others time too. After all, you can boot someone for team killing too many times, why not grant the other team the win since your team abandoned you?

So, since data speaks louder then complains, here’s the poll. Let’s vote and show 343i that changes are needed.

  • Surrender option if half or more of your team quits
  • Keep the current banning system the same

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Thanks for taking the time to vote. Let’s make our voices heard!