343i isn't making custom games a priority

This hurts. Custom games were why I am a fan of Halo. There’s two big problems here.

  1. Infinte’s custom games are close to being broken. There are a lot of extra features, but then actually saving them is really unreliable and some expected features are MIA.

  2. They took away the ability to invite random players into custom games in MCC in Season 6 or 7. They changed the way it worked since it released in 2014. I don’t mean the custom game browser. (The “hosts” of those things have little control, they can’t always kick players and they can’t change maps beyond a pre-set of 3 gametypes.) If you want to play a regular custom game in MCC then you now need to be on the friends list of the host. This can take up to 5 minutes to update and some PC players have a really hard time doing this.

343i clearly is not interested in players playing outside of matchmaking or meeting up outside of the narrow window that the game offers. This is why so many people are in Discord groups or party chats: It’s literally the only option. Even then, if someone wants to play with you there are hurdles in the way that make it complicated.

This hurts because I like Halo but don’t consider 343i a good decision maker when it comes to what to play. Some of their MCC playlists like Halo 4 & Halo 2A zombie modes have game-breaking problems, Halo 2A has very few maps, and Halo 2 classic 2v2 matches have gametypes that even Bungie turned away from.