343i I love you <3

I’m SO pleased to hear about that competitive ranking system going into effect. I’m also happy that they are taking EXTRA time to make sure it’s GOOD instead of like me in Halo 3 on this EXACT account being a 47 in TS and winning 27 straight games, losing one and deranking. I have 160 games played, and 121 EXP. That means I have only lost 39 games. Anyways, hope you guys at 343i make sure that doesn’t happen with Halo 4. I like where you guys are taking this game :smiley: It’s different, but good. I was skeptical at first because of the “standard FPS progression system” that was taken place with this game. Run around, get kills, rank up, unlock. That really gets boring. So I really applaude you guys for this.

With All Thanks,

Sappy Sun