343i Help the Halo/2 PC Community Out a lil

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We would like a little help, shoot we are even going to help and give you the necessary items/files/apps/etc to bring an update to Halo 2 PC. We are not asking for much, we are just asking that maybe you can find it somewhere in there at 343i to help a brutha/sista out :slight_smile: We have a lot of the necessary things that could be patched/updated to Halo 2 PC. The files could help players have an enjoyable experience playing halo 2 PC. Why deny them that? Not everyone has or uses the anti-crash apps and that’s a lot of people. It’s a simple fix and we have the files needed to patch the game up really quick and all you guys have to do is get it applied and set up on the servers for everyone to download and update their game.

We will give you the files/apps/tutorials/documentations everything you need is available and open to 343i/Microsoft.

We just ask for a little more help on keeping this game going.

Were is Your Holiday Spirit at 343i/Microsoft???

Help the little guys that buy and play your awesome games.

This below is a reply from Kills Alone, One of the main guys behind making H2PC a better game to play and making it fun and enjoyable for free…


H2MT - 2013: Legacy Tech - Halo 2 PC
By Kills Alone of the H2MT Crew


Hi everybody, this is Kills Alone with your yearly Halo 2 Vista status update.

Today @ the Microsoft Redmond Campus
AKA the Red Base Bunker

When asked by Halo 2 Map Team member XHN Scrapy if it was “Possible to get a little help from 343i? with an update on Halo 2 PC???”

…a typical Microsoft Hired Goon such as this one replied; “Due to the limitations of legacy tech, we have no plans to update Halo 2 PC. Apologies for being the bearer of bad news.” Blah Blah Blah, Blabbity Blah Blah.

After hyping us up that there would be some huge announcement this is what we get? Typical Microsoft. Well they can have their Next (Last) Gen, I’m pretty happy with Steam and Humble Bundles; new games for mere dollars and I don’t have to pay any extra to play online.

And their excuse, that Windows 6.x (Vista) is now legacy. Windows 6.x includes Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008, and 8. I don’t think they know what legacy means; it does not mean current OS’s, if anything it would mean Windows XP and previous. For example, Windows 8.1 is currently at 6.3.9600. Meanwhile Windows Vista is still supported till 4/11/2017. So legacy what now?

If he was referencing G4W/G4WL/Marketplace again I have run that on all Windows since Vista. So thanks again MS for another generic and contrived answer to why you suck so hard.

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