343i has shown their true colors and is now using the title of HALO as a cash grab

As I was saying…

Free to play and battlepass is most likely something microsoft has demanded.
However, I seriously doubt they’ve also demanded the small details surrounding them, like progressing with challenges, what kind of challenges, how many to progress at one time and so forth

i343 was hiring people to plan and design these kind of things some years ago.

Except they want people feedback, not cussing at them and saying there bad people and want bungie.

Heres my feedback bout infinite, it a good game and yes they do need to tweak stuff like the XP gain still, The prices for stuff in infinite store needs to be lower a bit on it price as it pretty pricy. And couple other thing like add traditional BTB to ensure we can use heavy vehicles alot, instead of playing alot of the new BTB to only get that chance to use them once.

If you want 343 to look at your feedbacks to help improve infinite, just state why needs to be improve and state why in a nice detail description bout it. Not straight up cussing the hell out of them or anything that bashing them or being hostile to them, that would make them discourage to look then cause you all wana be toxic about it like a two and actually explain n not bash them and act like you are the boss of them.

If I recall correctly, this was indirectly the system we asked for since Halo 5 if a such schema would exist.

I can at least say that I was guilty with suggest a similar system to what is seen in Halo Infinite comparison to the system seen in Halo 5. Due to this, I have also been a bit careful with criticizing the system due to fact that my own words could be used against me ad that the system isn’t as bad as the system seen in Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2.

I don’t believe 343i is doing as you say, they have made a conscious effort in Infinite to merge the eras of Halo and provide a solid core game all Halo fans enjoy (and hopefully a good campaign too, but I will reserve judgement on that regard for now and merely hope.) and that demonstrates an understanding and care of Halo in my opinion.

That being said, someone, probably Microsoft or some other upper management, is demanding and allowing this awful monetization scheme to undermine the hard work of tons of people at 343i and I will not put a dime into the game personally until something fundamental is done about this horrendous and manipulative monetization model.

I’m not against paying for cosmetics. I would gladly shell out money to get cool looking gear.

But monetization in this current state?! 'm NEVER EVER spending a -Yoink!- cent. It’s -Yoink!- pathetic.

Exactly the feeling I have when playing. I’m like…why am I bothering? It’s not like I’m going to earn anything substantial or get rewarded or recognized for wrecking the other team. I feel like I’m the only one playing to win most of the time. Defend it all you want but the VAST majority of us hate this with a passion. I played a few more matches earlier today but I can’t do it anymore. I usually don’t care this much about games but doing this to Halo is really greasy. For shame. Done with it for now. Will reinstall when and if it’s remedied. And that’s a big IF. I saw plenty of shiny store bought Spartans today:/

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Welcome to activision version 3.43

I understand why OP thinks this way, but at the end of the day, they made an incredible Halo game and you haven’t given them time to listen to feedback and make changes. Relax, child. Play the game, be happy it exists, give feedback here often.

It’s the beta, that’s the time to voice our concern, and calling someone a child isn’t the way to go

they named their company after a character in Halo that betrays master chief.


“Save his head, dispose of the rest.” / “But this ring is mine…!” ~ 343 Guilty Spark, monitor of Installation 04.

And how fitting given their past actions and acts of betrayal…

But then again TheFieryJoker said it best at the end of his Top 10 Activision Fails video on YT.

“Just a supreme lack of caring, becasue money!” ~ Josh Scorcher.

Welcome to modern era video games where money is literally everything… :anger:

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Wear the gray default armor until they meet all of the problems? I’ll do it. Problems as it stands now in my opinion. Let me know if I missed any.

  • Armor cores are a cool idea but, unlocking the same thing multiple times is dumb.
  • The Leveling system as it stands now is still too slow.
  • There are a ton of missing features that are already in MCC.
  • The theater works 40% of the time can’t watch my games.
  • The fact there isn’t a persistent leveling system outside of Battlepass systems is dumb.
  • There aren’t any merit based un-lockables.
  • Palette swaps are literally a scam we should be able to select primary/secondary/and cleanliness of the colors. All other colors can be unlockable or whatever.
  • Custom game lobby browser…
  • More sound options.
  • Sounds still aren’t working specifically footsteps when they are obstructed by a thicker wall.
  • It’s still difficult to see that you have taken a little of damage there use to be sound to let you know if you took even just a little damage (InB4 just look at the top her dur)
  • Exclusive fullscreen on PC
  • Rejoining games after a disconnect or crash.

Quick resume does not work like it should. Battle Pass items are a joke.
Event Pass has to be done over few weeks.
You cannot customize your spartan while waiting in the lobby.
Server tick rate and network Code is awful

If they gave people access to some decent customization options by default and didn’t take away colors, I think people would be mostly okay with what we have. Part of the problem is that why default you get no customization other than a few basic armor coatings. This wasn’t the case with any past Halo game since Halo 3, and even Halo 2 had more color/insignia options. There is more to how they monetize cosmetics.

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They need to take out the challenge swap out of the progression system and replace it with something else…the challenge swap should be givin out once each day for free or for playing your first match of the day and they already have it in the shop to buy no reason to have it in the progression system at all

You broke the code lol