343i has shown their true colors and is now using the title of HALO as a cash grab

Microsoft, not 343, always treated Halo as a cash grab. This is nothing new.

I, a long fan who grew up with the games, am happy that the PvP is free because I’m only interested by the campaign and have no intention of spending money into a PvP mode that I won’t play. Plus making a PvP free-to-play is a good thing because more people can try the game.

Paying a Battle Pass 10€ to have ~50 armor elements is fine, but the progression is just way too slow and the coating system just sucks because we can’t have our personal color scheme until 343 makes it a coating.


Just don’t pay, I’m not going to. I’m happy to be recruit forever. It’s unlikely I’ll last very long though if the bugs in the gameplay aren’t fixed. There’s too many to mention, but I’ll start with the utterly broken Melee and the ridiculous range on the AR. 4 years for this rubbish?

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So many of those. Unconstructive feedback has a different meaning for a fan and a player as to a employee and a forum moderator.

this game is has many flaws - unconstructive
I love this game so much - constructive


which is sadly lacking

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They can try. But if no one buys the rubbish, it’ll still be free. Simply boycott buying the stuff

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I’d have to disagree for the most part. Besides some melee inconsistencies / player collision. the game feels solid, especially compared to any of the halos on launch, and were not even there yet.

I’d argue ODST and Reach were BETTER than the other titles due to their uniqueness within the franchise, hell ODST to this day is still upheld in the community as one of the best Halo campaign experiences out there.


Same, at least MCC actually has most of it’s issues figured out. Infinite is just one mess after another.

All they have to do is change the prices. Which I ja e a feeling that they will but doing that takes time jeez people y’all act like you’re all programers.

Yeah, these MTXs are getting REALLY out of hand. They just need to give us basic colors, let us make our own patterns but sell us armor-camos if they wanna monetize it still.

I don’t feel like waiting years for a specific armor-coating to buy and use. The prices in the store needs to be halved. The battlepass needs to give you back your 1,000 Credits.

They need ways to grind Credits like completing all of your weekly challenges to get both the Capstone Reward and ‘X amount of Credits’. Literally, non-paid players aren’t gaining anything to afford the battlepass at all like some games do and barely have any cosmetics.

This is BIZZARE dude. They haven’t taken either a note of other battlepasses and what they do right or we can pray this is not the final build of the game until Dec 8th

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343 had nothing to do with reach? And the elites looked far better in reach than in 3

Are you sure you don’t mean 4?

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I know us boomers are salty that the good old days are gone, but they are.
this is what games are now, and people eat it up and buy skins by the billions.

look at every top shooter on the market, fortnite, csgo, valorant, apex, and tell me what they all have in common? battlepass, skins, seasons etc.
yea microsoft are grabbing the cash, what did you expect them to do? people are throwing it at them, blame the people buying the garbage.

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Reach was 10 times the game this was, it was at its core still halo. It had flaws but it was still closer to traditional halo than this low ttk made spamming constant run and gun -Yoink!-


I feel will have to drop the mentality of having to have all the armor. Be very selective of what you want and don’t worry about the rest. Maybe, and hopefully, once the campaign drops there will be armor/cosmetics to be earned.

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Boomers and Gen X, throwing money at their kids to play games and get out of their hair instead of telling them to go play outside.

(I’m GenX. My kids play games and outside. I do not give them any money to spend on in game purchases)


I can’t recall a single greater instance of people demanding that there be more free stuff with their free game than people’s complaining about Infinite’s seasons pass model and microtransactions. The entitlement is eclipsed only by the misinformation in nearly every one of these threads.

If you don’t want to support the title financially, don’t, and as an added bonus you’ll still get access to every playable aspect of the multiplayer. Such a terrible company, so exploitative. You may have your opinions about what these companies need to make, but anyone with any real knowledge on the subject has known and pointed out for years that the $60 price point is far below what it needs to be for AAA titles to turn a profit, let alone a project that is intended to last for several years. I HATE FTP, but the alternative is a higher priced game and while I’m down for that a hyper-entitled consumer base is not. The irony being these same people shell out for microtransactions like it’s nobodies business, even on games where they already paid full retail, unlike Infinite MP.

This is Halo, not Warframe or Destiny. Fashion isn’t the endgame and you can do literally everything in the game without it. There are zero pay to win mechanics and no playable content behind paywalls. Yes previous games let you play more with color, and one (yes, exactly one in the entire franchise) even had a comprehensive selection of armor to grind, and it sucks to get a reduction from that. You know what else those previous games had that Infinite doesn’t? A price tag.

Keep feedback coming, there are legit issues concerning progression and limitations to earned/purchased cosmetics that hurt buy in value considerably. Address your concerns with the game, but sweet zombie Jesus do try and have some perspective, especially if you want to be taken seriously.


I guess we can agree to disagree. When reach multiplayer came out that was then end for me in regards to multiplayer halo. It felt so different vs halo 3 that I dropped it. Even halo 4 multiplayer felt better than reach with 343 but I never really picked up multiplayer after the reach experience. I have obviously bought every single halo title out there but mostly for the lore. To me reach was the worst halo game made by bungie (they literally didn’t want it to make it but still deliver a good game). I respect your opinion, you are just from a different generation - I’m probably way older than you, I used to lan with my friends back in high school with halo ce (which to me is the best campaign) and played in the competitive scene in halo 3 (which to me is the best multiplayer). But again that’s just me.


There is a huge difference between realizing a mistake and learning from that mistake to improve things vs deliberately making a poor decision. What 343 did is in no way a “mistake”.

There are a few things some refuse to look at here.

Don’t pretend 343 is innocent. You do know there is a contract for things like this that both have to sign in front of a judge?

This means 343 was fully aware of what they were doing singing that contract.

The Bungie today is a prime example. Most blamed Activision for the mess Bungie created with Destiny 2. Activision left them and that shop is running at full steam ahead that has literally ruined the game. It gets more attention from the company than the rest of the content in the entire game, and the kicker here is Activision left them what, almost 2 years ago?

The second part of what you said relies on the company if they have full creative control, and are willing to actually (hear) and not just pretend they are listening to what the player base is actually saying.


I doubt this is a 343i thing and more of a Microsoft thing. The monetization of this game screams corporate cash grab. If you don’t like it, just don’t pay for stuff. The gameplay is great and I haven’t spent a dime.