343i has shown their true colors and is now using the title of HALO as a cash grab

As I said, there are many solutions to make money from the game, they made it F2P because it makes more money then releasing a $60 game and having you unlock all cosmetics, they’re a money hungry company and don’t deserve to have ownership of the Halo title.


There’s should be many free unlockable cosmetics, but I won’t mind if some special armor sets, pieces, weapons, coatings are paid, if there is enough base content and the additional paying cosmetics are priced right, it would be alright.


They lost me when they released Halo 4, they tarnished the title of Halo, but I kept playing because it’s Halo. This is the final straw for me, and that’s why I’m speaking out. Halo has always had that grind for armor and the freedom to make your own spartan, now it’s just a freedom hidden behind a expensive paywall, $20 for one spartan armor compared to the 4 armors you could get in 4 for $20


Of course, the special armors that aren’t basic Spartan armor, like the snowman head and the WW2 armor they can monetize all they want, but regular Spartan armor should NOT be behind a paywall.


Agreed 100% buddy. The high pricing and lack of ability to earn store credits in-game might just kill this game for me if the issue isn’t rectified soon.


Yeah, I think that most of the content should be unlockable, and paid content, and with each content update, more free items should be added too, like the battlepass free tiers, but giving real item instead of challenges swap, and of course being able to unlock full sets and not just a shoulder and a chest piece.


Just a heads up Reach was made by Bungie, it was the last Bungie Halo title.


That’s basic psychology.

Halo: Infinite Revenue.
I do not mind microtransactions when they are consumer friendly.
These are macrotransactions though, so it doesn’t even matter.
I would gladly pay to make my Halo Reach Spartan if it wasn’t paywalled and behind a grind.
Just let me pick the pieces I want for a dollar or two each.
My mind has been opened so much about how it effects gameplay as well, so like arguing in an elevator with your spouse, it’s wrong on many levels.


Well said. I’m not bothering with it again until they admit fault and DRASTICALLY overhaul this -Yoink!- progression/monetization model. I bought the pass without even looking at it. Silly me. This whole industry is going downhill fast by the looks of it. Greed


Yeah, there’s no wrong in waiting after all, there’s many other games that can be enjoyed too.

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This is basically my stance too : Don’t buy anything until they fix it or find a compromise we are all happy with.

I’ll be content playing the Campaign and MCC until they get this stuff sorted out.


Emotional first post, maybe you should get into game development?

They’re not going to cave to people crying about it as if the world is ending, they’re looking for constructive feedback. Where as posts like these are just super -Yoink!- extra.

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This isn’t my first post, this is my first post on their new system. If everyone keeps their mouthes shut, then companies aren’t going to listen to the consumer, we didn’t ask for a free multiplayer, they made it to be a cash grab. So please, go lick some million dollar companies shoes somewhere else.

This is also constructive feedback, we the consumer hate the company for hiding content behind paywalls when we constantly complained about the last game having a bad microtransaction system, they could’ve just released the multiplayer as an add on to the game for $60 but no, they want more money, as I said, F2P’s make big bucks and they want it.


If only they knew how much backlash F2P games actually get. F2P Mobile games, especially, which Infinite’s model is copied from, seemingly, are not very popular and popular at the same time. People HATE those monetization models but millions still play it cause of the addictive components.


Yep. To their defense though, bungie wanted for halo 3 to be their last title but Microsoft forced them to make 3 more. So you can definitely see that ODST and reach were not the same as other bungee halo titles.

As far as 343, this game was their time to shine, to go back to the core of Halo. And I think they did a great job with the gameplay tbh but there are so many other issues.


100% agree with you. That’s one of the things I enjoyed doing. Playing to earn stuff. But if I have to pay to get stuff then multiplayer has no appeal to me. Will vote with my wallet like others have said.


Yeah cause that sick shoulder pad you can see at the start of the match really makes your halo experience good or bad. stop whining… Real halo fans don’t care about cosmetics as much as you’re implying. we care about solid and competitive gameplay.


I can feel the battle pass burn and its pretty slow compared to other games I enjoy, mainly Apex. The cosmetic model is well and truly an industry baseline now, it can be down very well e.g. POE (personal opinion but I feel that is a good example). Equally it can be done not so well depending on personal tastes and expectations.

This is a very good FPS, it is tight and fun and has so much potential. Most of all I don’t have to become a pro builder, lol.

Give it a few months to see how the company reacts to the feedback of the fans. I need to touch up on my research but is this not the real 343 broken away from the Destiny debarkle? I could be wrong however I remain optimistic that they will make the right decisions to maintain as much of a broad base as they can, so we all have fast matches and fun matches.

I get it, I love the shineys so much as well, it is awesome to change things up. I also know that apart from color and future FX none of the armor really gets notices outside of the intro screen for the team.

Take care man and I hope you are safe and healthy.