343i has shown their true colors and is now using the title of HALO as a cash grab

I started playing Halo with my older brother, I remember sitting infront of the box tv slowly progressing through Halo 2 from Easy to Legendary. I remember watching videos on how to get every single armor for Halo 3, I remember grinding to unlock armor for Halo Reach, I remember completing challenges for armor in Halo 4 and I remember grinding for Req points to get armor in Halo 5. Do you know what all those had in common? I didn’t have to pay a dime for the armor. 343 industries saw what free to play games make and they wanted in, they took the name Halo and have tarnished it, instead of making the game $60 and all cosmetics free, they made the multiplayer free so the completionist have to pay $1k+ to 100% the armor. This isn’t what the community wants, but 343 doesn’t care, the only part of the community they care about is HCS. However it seems that with enough of us yelling, they budge, and now here I am. I am asking the true fans of Halo, who don’t want to see this company disgrace the Halo community once again to speak up. We will not pay hundreds of dollars for things that should be free to us. There are so many solutions to make money instead of locking every single cosmetic in the game behind a paywall, yet they kept silent for 6 years making this game and have realized their mistakes, because they made the community mad. So if you agree, please comment your own opinions on this thread and share it with your friends, so we the real Halo fans will be heard.


I wont put any money in this game till they actually fix it


343i was most likely forced by Microsoft into doing this, they will fix this and give us back the halo we all knew and love, I remembered getting all the ranks and armors in halo 3 & reach and I accomplished that and I’m so proud, but now, now I have to pay money to a company I soulfully trusted to receiving armor and colors that should have been free in the first place. Amen to you


I was dumb to put money into this corrupt system. I’m not putting on any paid cosmetics because of the principle behind it. Cadet black for me. I’m not putting another cent into Infinite. Keep yelling man.


thank you tmrealsy very cool!


“And is now”? - where were you in 2015?


Well, something definitely needs to be done about it, but I don’t feel as though hurling insults into the void is very helpful. Just vote with your wallet. I’m not spending any money until the progression is fixed. You do the same.


I’m voting with my wallet.

In that I’m ready to spend… and spend heaps. There’s just nothing that I want yet.


Remember, putting on flashy cosmetics makes others want to do the same. It’s good to keep that in mind.


You could still unlock the armor without paying


I would like to have your faith lol.

Me too, what a shame.

I guess I’ll go back on Forza or other games that I need to finish.


Microsoft isn’t the one making minute detail decisions.

F2P and battlepass, that’s most likely on Microsoft. However i343 is making the decisions on how things are implemented.


You know what, yeah, you’re right. I’ll give you that.


There’s a difference between insulting and speaking facts, don’t defend the million dollar company.


This stuff is mega overpriced. What is $20 I would pay $5 for. And as it turns out, more people would actually want to buy it if it was cheaper. I think they can monetize the game in a fair way, but this isn’t it.

Also, give us all the Reach armor for buying Heroes of Reach. I feel kind of ripped off that the Reach season doesn’t contain all of the Reach stuff and much of it is lingering behind an additional $10-20 paywall each.


The fact that you approve of the monetization of cosmetics in a Halo game if it was just cheaper is still absurd, this is halo, not call of duty. Cosmetics are unlocked, not bought



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I really hope Halo goes back to the good old days. Like i do too remember looking up videos on how to unlock all the armor on halo 3 and then grinding on Reach for the ranks/armor. Like make the battle pass Like Halo reach ranking system. Weather you win or lose you still get exp for you battle pass. Like I don’t feel award after playing BTB and when I was at the top of the board and I didn’t complete any of my challenges to only be give 50 for a long match like that is horrible. Like I really don’t thing 343 knows really how to make this community happy. I have lot of issues with the game and yes it still a beta but I really hope in a few weeks or months it turn it self around.


It took you this long to lose faith? Halo Reach was my last preorder I ever gave this series. Since then I’ve just waiting for their value to take a nose dive, then I buy them. I’ll agree with you about this though. First they took couch co-op in Halo 5, now Infinite takes our armor. The next game, it’ll be “Hammers and swords will only be available for pre-ordering customers!”

Like I said, 343 lost me at Reach. I never got over the random changing of Sangheili anatomy…


They didn’t listen when we said we didn’t want coatings: coatings made it in anyway. Stuff is going to be on the store. That’s how it is. They’re not changing that because people are upset. I think the cosmetics SHOULD be less invasive and should be earned in more ways than the minimalist battlepass and completing all of your absurd weekly challenges, but monetization is going to be there. We knew that the moment they announced it would be F2P. So, they gotta make it more friendly.