343i Get Your Game Up.

Well, 343i there is alot of pressure on u guys right now and I know that it’s not easy.

Have u guys seen all the critics that you have been given? I agree with all the negative ones and a few of the positive ones. Sure the audio is a big improvement but u ruined alot of things for veteran Halo fans.

First of all taking over Halo is a pretty risky and very hard job. U need to make it great. If Halo continues like this the rest of the trilogy and all other games of Halo that you will may or may not make the Halo franchise is going to be discraseful to video games.

The things that you did to the mulriplayer, to the custom games, to the competetive gameplay are just sad. U have done some great job on the audio but that is kind of about it. U did more bad than good in Halo 4.

I don’r know if u guys read these forums, if you don’t then Halo will fail. The franchise will become -Yoink- like alot of other franchises that were once good but then became crap.

I just wanted to get my voice heard like many others. Sorry if i had any bad spelling, i’mnot the best at english but i try as hard as i can. :slight_smile:

I agree. Play it safe with Halo 5 and have Ranked and Social caetegories like H3.

Ranked is classic, social can have all the bells and whistles (perks, aa’s, ord drops, instant respawns, etc…) and you still accumulate xp.

Avoid the controversy.