343i game design turns me off.

With Halo 4 it they had a good story easy to follow (if you knew the lore) but bad mulitplayer and the environmental design was bad (game play wise).
With Halo 5 they have a decent awful story with great game play and environmental design with alright multiplayer. They are always at an extreme with each game, and i feel like i’m more sympathetic toward them, trying to see the depth, and giving them the benefit of doubt. The thing is though i never had to defend Bungies halo games, each one too me was better than the last.

I don’t understand the process that goes into their design. But what i’m noticing is that there version of Halo throws out all subtly and mystery in favor of action or cinematic flair. They also shoot lore into peoples faces and expect people to know everything, so that they don’t have to explain it in game (this irritates me). Halo always seemed like an adventure a experience that lasted years for me. But this maybe actually me just getting older, (then again i put in 500+ hours into destiny, so that’s probably not the case and all of it’s toward pve gameplay) but with there games i’m not addicted. I’m having decent fun with halo 5 but i’m not in awe with what i’m playing. Gameplay in story is fun as well though, Multiplayer wise it feels indifferent better than halo 4 though but still indifferent.

So you admit to destiny, but what were you doing in the old halos? Solo legendary runs?

Thats like reading a book upside down.