343i doesn't even frequent these forums, we're wasting our breath

Look at the group @343 - few on the list come here at all, and they definitely aren’t a part of the discussion. Hard to believe they “hear us” when even the community manager doesn’t go on their own feedback forum.

I’m sure there are some that are lurking here and there but it’s pretty disheartening to see the lack of communication so prevalent. Even indie games do community engagement better than a AAA studio.



How could they miss the vast volume of feedback we’ve submitted?

You have players logging feedback through halo support, people submitting tickets. I mean what are you getting all antsy for? This playerbase is very large and it’s hard to believe they haven’t seen the vast amount feeback we’ve sent them.

They hear our feedback. They’ve said it numerous times. I don’t know what else to tell your other than be patient.

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Actually, you are almost 100% correct about anyone of us giving them feedback.

See, the CM can visit this forum telling you guys they are reading over the feedback and such like Bungie’s CM does, saying “they will take the feedback to the team”.

Then you have all these players thanking the CM but they are literally oblivious to the fact that the CM nor the team makes any of the important calls for the game on what will or won’t take place.

So until people wake up to that reality, you will see an awful lot of players believing in something that is simply not true at all. Thinking the devs make the calls for the game. It’s upper management that actually does, and guess what people? upper management doesn’t even know you exist other than looking at numbers.

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