343i do something about the Boltshot please!

Dear 343i

Please do something about the Boltshot’s blast range, the range it has is absolutely ridiculous. I like the dual purpose of the Boltshot, but its the range that is killing me (as a spartan anyways…)

Unfortunately the way I see it, if you don’t fix the blast range, you might as well put the shotgun and scattershot into the loadouts, and promote for people to camp in corners, something I thought ordnance drops were supposed to help reduce.

Other than the Boltshot, you’ve done a really great job on the game, with all the new ideas and revitalising old playlists like KOTH, CTF, etc. Fix tghe boltshots range and it’ll be a near perfect game!


Range is fine, it’s a strong gun but the shotgun and scattershot will always out perform it. Each sidearm has a place, magnum for medium range, boltshot for close range and plasma pistol for vehicles.

Actually, no. I have repeatedly outperformed shotgun users with the BoltShot. It is too powerful. Just as the magnum is a inferior version of the DMR, the BoltShot should be an inferior version of the Scatter Shot, simple as that.

I use it, and I get a lot of kills with it, I know it should be nerfed.

It’s just the range that it gets you oneshot that is so annoying…

No I want to be able to spawn with a shotgun.

How come my Boltshot doesn’t have the insane range all of these complaint threads complain theirs does? :frowning:

Yeah somebody please show me where the boltshot is an overpowered spartan killer. The only luck I ever had with it was blowing away crawlers in the campaign.

I reckon any weapon that is able to one shot someone shouldn’t be a loadout weapon.

I haven’t used it much, but honestly, I’m not seeing any major issues. For a good player, I can see them getting one shots with it consistently, but there isn’t much ammo, and honestly, who actually gets close enough to people for that to happen to them?

In its current state, the boltshot is damn powerful enough to be a primary weapon; Possibly even a power weapon.

It’s not the range, it’s the power.

Not even close.

I die from the bolt shot a fair amount, but I blame that on complacency and not being careful. The bolt shot is not even close to the scatter shot or shot gun for a) You need to charge it and it autoblasts after a short while of charging (You cant just keep it charged until its needed). b) After a charge, you must reload. c) You only get a small amount of ammo for it. I don’t think this is game breaking at all. There is almost no way for you to get multikills with just it alone. I just think a little more care needs to be given, and if you see someone use it or get killed by someone with it, remember their name, and make sure not to get in CQC situations or chase them around corners.

All secondaries have their purpose as stated before. I use the magnum in a firefight where I don’t have time to reload and switching to it mid range as opposed to waiting for a reload; Plasma for immobilizing annoying vehicles; and Boltshot for when I’m losing a fight, run away, hide and crouch by a corner, and blast em when they come for me.

Been killed by it a few times, though I generally avoid this fate by playing smart. I have one loadout with it and get kills with it regularly on a couple of maps.

It’s not OP, and its range is by no means too long, and it doesn’t need a nerf. It’s killing power is counteracted by several factors:

  • Range: The Boltshot has an incredibly short range

  • Charge time: It takes a moment to charge, so you have to have some situational awareness to know when to start charging

  • Hold-charge time: Once you’ve charged it, you have about 2 seconds to score a kill or it will fire on its own.

  • Cool Down: The Boltshot has a long cooldown after firing, meaning if you failed to score a kill, you’re essentially dead.

All of these factors are working against the proper use of the Boltshot. Sure, you can camo-camp in a corner with it, but this ‘strategy’ is easily overcome by any player with eyes. A couple of grenades will clear out any campers; Boltshot or otherwise.

If you know there’s an avid Boltshotter running around, adjust your loadout accordingly. That’s why the option is provided to you. P-Vision is your friend, and can easily be used to quickly dispatch a Boltshotter.

Another reason the Boltshot should not be nerfed is because if it were anything less than a 1-shot kill, it would be a garbage weapon and would see no use. It’s cool-down ensures that if you fail to kill on the first shot, you’ll likely be sacrificing yourself to your opponent. If you’re being killed repeatedly by a Boltshot, (or any weapon, for that matter), it’s because the Boltshot user is skillful with that weapon, or you’re failing to adjust to the situation.