343i Could've Improved Halo 5's REQs & MADE MONEY

Found this amazing in-depth video showing 343 what exactly they could had done in order to maximize profit and Customer enjoyment!
-Daily Challenges
-Specific packs
-Less randomness More consistency
-Tiers of Security clearance’s
-Make limited time REQ packs more valued and worth it
-Create deals, sales, (buy 2 get 1 free) (50% off for 1 REQ pack today).etc
--------People love buying things on sale and having that feeling that they got a good deal
-Make leveling up rewarding and eventful!

How 343i Could’ve Improved Halo 5’s Req System & Made WAY More Money (Part 1)

If you have the time watch the video I really recommend it!
And make sure to leave your thought’s suggestions or improvements to these ideas!

Or they could of improved Halo 5`s story and made more money just like Halo 3 did

Laughed pretty hard 5 minutes 35 seconds in.