343I change the DAIYMIO challenge description please

The description for the DAIYMIO challenge says complete 5 fiesta matches.

After playing 7 matches it turns out you need to win these matches. This also caused me to think the game has one more glitch.

Please change the description in future so I can actually aim for the challenge.


-Yoink!- be thy covenant, thats why I cant get it

I personally am having the same issue. Its been annoying and caused me to stop playing last night. 8 games played 2 of 6 compleated. Bugs kill fan bases.

I have come to hate this game mode. Bring back attrition.

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Was just about to post this.

An hour to win 5 matches when i get spawn rocketed or sworded around every corner while.i have pistols.

Not happy with 343i. I have been a life long halo fan and i always said i would stay the course through all the bugs but ill be honest. This one was the last straw. i am staying away from infinite until they can get their sh*t together. More content will also be nice. Is it just a bunch of privileged lazy kids working in the company or what??? I’ve visited the office a few years back as a “third party contractor” that’s kind of the vibe i got. Hold your employees and leadership accountable!