343i CANNOT launch Forge without adressing these issues at launch!

343i will chainsaw themselves in the feet if they release a Forge of this excellence and magnitude without:

  1. A Custom Games Browser
  2. Fixed filesharing and Custom Games
  3. The ability to select weapon variants and equipment on spawn.
  4. The ability to save overridden game types!
  5. Fixed theatre mode with camera more like Halo 3’s camera.
  6. Match Composer like Master Chief Collection
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(20 Characters for 343)

Probably for CGs that let players “pick a class”

  1. forge must be usable offline. no online only bs like halo 5 forge.

Scripting is already in Forge though.

I’m having a hard time to understand what Forge will accomplish if I can’t share these maps in-game and play them with friends at launch.

I’m not following everything Forge related but is there a timeframe? Do we have to wait a year to share custom creations?

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you forgot desync and the net-code…

Select for example: your primary weapon as the BR Breacher or Stryker Sidekick OFF SPAWN as opposed to the regular BR or pistol.

Toggle to spawn with Grappleshot or Repulsor off spawn and tweak capacity and functionality of equipment.

Does the custom game browser come post forge release though since 343i will need to have a multitude of maps to sift through?

I would think if you can change the environment of the map that weapon pads and such can be personally edited to the forgers decision.

Halo Infinite doesn’t have a loadout system but people have already made weapon selection points in Forge. So I’m not sure what you are asking for here. If its a Reach/4 style loadout selection? No, Forge doesn’t need that to be successful. Seems like what they have now is good. If people want to make maps for custom games with that scripting, they can do that.

No not asking for a loadout system. Asking for the ability to select weapon variants in custom games as spawning weapons and to customize spawn equipment traits. Example: Spawn with Grappleshot, edit traits of the Grappleshot for all spawning players.

Also, NO option to disable sprint or clamber for Classic Halo game types!