343i can you include Headhunter game variant in H5

I really would like that Headhunter game variant come back for Halo 5.
If you remember Headhunter was a free for all gametype in Halo Reach, where players fight for flaming skulls and return the collected skulls to their designated (but mobile) deposit zone.
This gametype is not included actually when we play Halo Reach and I think it’s missing.

Oh man, head Hunter was so much fun. My friends and I would do lan parties just to play reach and Head Hunter was one of those gametypes we played. We would be playing and one guy would have like 5 or 6 skulls and would be running to one of the deposit positions and then the position would change, he would have to find a new spot while the rest of us would be chasing after him killing each other along the way and the amount of skulls would just keep increasing.

A sense of relief would shower over you as you finally deposit a few skulls. Man that game was so intense.

Yeah :slight_smile:
I’m not a big forger so I don’t know if tha’s possible to create this gametype.

I quite enjoyed it

I remember that, yet another gametype “borrowed” by the uncreative minds that produce the puke of a game Call of Duty…