343i- Can we please have our emblems back?

Hi 343i. A lot of people seem to think you aren’t listening to fan requests but I’m going to err on the side of ‘whatever’ and put this out there: One real simple fan-service you could do is add the small number of omitted emblems from traditional Halo releases. For myself and my clan, this means THE PHOENIX.

Think about it: How cool would that be. A simple little thing like that would be just so great. I can’t recall the other missing emblems, but I do know that enough emblems were returned that surely bringing back the few that were always there should be simple enough.

Let the Phoenix live! And whatever else these other dudes are missin’!

Thanks Eh

Merry Whatever-Mas

I want the heart emblem back…

I want the smiley face back…

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Once again. No. Become something else. Weapon balance/Gametype customization needs to be fixed before adding any of this.

> Once again. No. Become**…**

Very true although adding the emblems would take maybe 15 or so min

@Stronghand- You may be new to what’s going on, but there has been almost zero reaction from 343i regarding what the players want since day one. With the exception of SWAT, none of the playlist updates were anything that was actually requested (Yes I know the five year olds requested Snipers, but that’s for five year olds- It was the most heavily ‘dashboarded’ gametype in Reach for good reason and surely part of why it is gone now) and we’re still dealing with the fact that Halo 4 is the only current console shooter that CANNOT SUPPORT 8v8 gameplay other than boring Deathmatch.
Aside from the myriad things that need to be addressed, I’d rather just give up all hope of making this game what it could be, throw in the hat, and just ask for my emblem back which my Clan has identified themselves with since November 9th, 2004. I actually saw an early video that CLEARLY SHOWED all of the previous emblems (Including my Phoenix and the Heart)- so it is clear that these were arbitrarily dropped for no reason other than maybe disc space. It would surely be a simple thing to just go grab up those already-drawn graphic files and just tack them onto the next DLC. Unless, say, there’s something else needed, like Planetary Alignment, another Million into R+D…
Who among us thinks we’re really going to get what we want after such a bone-rattling month of underachieving on the dev teams’ part? Team Regicide? Really? REALLY? After the community logged epic man-hours into typing up pure hate for basic Regicide? It’s time to just bend over and let 343i do what they will. Maybe by giving up all hope we can politely request something as simple as getting our symbols back. It would be one small thing to remind us we’re still playing Halo.

Does anyone know how to make the Star emblem?

I really wish they would say SOMETHING. They rarely comment on anything. Seems like they are just doing whatever they think is best and ignoring everything. Really irritating.