343i are so great

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It’s clear that 343i is INCOMPETENT at best, they can’t do something good without doing something bad. We need Microsoft to take action and put 343i on a new franchise and let someone else take good care of their flagship franchise. They have utterly ruined the game’s story, and I’m glad there are so many 343i haters because it shows that 343 are destroying this franchise. All the evidence points to the game’s population, sales, and well, all over youtube and these forums. Haven’t they got a clue, don’t they look at feedback? Sure, they make a fun multiplayer shooter, so that is why I think they should make their own FPS, a new IP, and let someone else take over, someone who understands what made Halo great so they can build off that. 343i aren’t innovators they are imitators, let them make their own little COD rip-off while we can actually get a REAL Halo, starting with Halo 4.I just don’t get it, Microsoft, you guys love money, and I’m sure you know that if you made a classic Halo game it would sell like hotcakes, WHY are you allowing 343i to do the things they are doing??!?!
Lock this thread go ahead, ban me, it still doesn’t change anything, that you guys have lost MILLIONS of fans.