343I are bad at games but good with story.

Im not saying I hate them or they should stop they just need to think a bit, ever since they started making halo products I have realy enjoyed them, especialy Halo CEA.

But ever since I played halo 4 I wasnt happy with the multiplayer, why dose it need loadouts, just because other games use loadouts dosnt mean Halo has to as well, I liked all the other Halo games multiplayer system it worked, Halo reach’s had loadouts but they were customised by the game developers to set out a selection of fair weapons, halo 4 its all light rifle and plasma pistol, if they combined Halo 4’s ordinance with Halo reache’s multiplayer system then they will have the perfect game.

The only thing that I have enjoyed about Halo 4 is campaign and spartan ops, I think 343I are good story tellers but very bad when it comes to making games.

If 343I are making a Halo 2 remake Im looking more forward to that more then halo 5 since hopfully it will have a classic playlist with classic games types and no player customised loadouts.

Just dont add things in multiplayer just because every one else has done it, Its like a new fad at school.

the campaign was garbage. very disappointed.

worst in the series.

I loved the campaign, really enjoyed it. Bit too many “press the button to continue” segments but the story was excellent in my view :slight_smile:

Story was pretty good, but Cortana felt like a burden after a while.

I don’t know if 343i was aiming for that though.

The campaign will always be second best for me (Coming behind Halo: CE). It defiantly paid homage to the other Halo and had the emotional core that not other Halo possessed. I honestly can’t wait for Halo 5 and Halo 6 to see what 343 bring.

> the campaign was garbage. very disappointed.
> worst in the series.

^really true

It didnt maded me “wow!! amazing” like Halo Reach story does many times! I just begun at halo games. H4 was my 1st, Reach my second(Probably H3 my next, today!). and I clearly saw the BIG differences.
The dumb AI on H4 maded me laugh at most xD
Seems like 343i never touched any other halo games.