343i and Microsoft just dont care.....We lost

I checked the Xbox forums and saw this about the Specialization Email.

12.3.12 8:50 AM
All emails for this promotion have already been sent out. Unfortunately we are not able to resend any of these emails or verify your information here on the Xbox.com forums to confirm you’ve qualified. If you have not received an email then you will need to wait until the content is available to all users.
Due to the volume of users who’ve posted in the forums about the Halo 4 Specialization emails, we won’t be able to respond to each one of you (as much as we’d like to!) but we do definitely want to keep you in the loop. Any further updates we receive regarding this promotion will be posted in this thread. Thank you for understanding!

We have lost.They didn’t fulfill their part of the deal and don’t care. They got our money and now they are done with us. All the thousands and thousands who they blame for their mistake.

12.2.12 3:45 PM
"While the original offer from Xbox states they will not re-send the codes, I’m still working with all involved parties to hopefully find a solution for those of you that were eligible for a code but didn’t receive it (whether that’s because you switched email addresses, accidentally deleted the email, etc.)." - bs angel

So after bs angel’s update, Microsoft updated saying they WILL NOT give us our earned Specialization codes.

Notice how every reason given is our fault. Not even the possibility its on their end. So thats how it ends for us the loyal gaming community, Left out in the cold and all the blame. Let’s just hope somehow they realize their mistake in turning their back on us and change their mind. Sorry for the rant and if this has been posted here already but I didn’t know until I went to the xbox forums and I’m sure there are a few others as well. Thanks for reading.