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The Bubble Shield needs reintroduced to Halo Infinite. The Map layouts in Halo Infinite can sometimes feel open, especially on LiveFire by dummies where OS spawns which feels like an unfinished section. Bazaar and Aquarius feel like they are open as well, considering some maps have high verticality and there is no espcape from shots above. A Bubble Shield would be perfect for BTB as well, but only 1that each team would have to fight for because it could be abused by a passenger on vehichles. Having a Bubble Shield in Land Grand would help for more Competition.


I do want the Bubble shield back. The Drop wall is just an inferior replacement.


I loved the Bubble Shield. I really hope it makes it back for use in custom games. But I can see how it disrupts the flow of the game too much for the game proper.

Personally I really hate the bubble shield. The dummies on live fire are open for a reason because it adds risk. If your want OS/Camo you have to take the risk to approach or have enough support from your team to secure it with minimal risk. The bubble shield and power drain were just a screw you for trying to take advantage of risk points.


Of course I see your viewpoint. There would only be one Bubble Shield on some Maps because of its advantages and it would have to be put in the most balanced section of a Map that has no weapons or utility available. Like Aquarius, the bottom below Invisibility is where a Bubble Shield would be a good placement. With Bubble shield you should get two uses and the shield should last 8 seconds each, but in Ranked you only get one for 8 seconds.

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That’s the point.

The Bubble Shield was too good and kills pacing.

I would have to honestly say it never hurt Halo 3 and it would probably only add a more diverse experience to Inifinite, which means endless possibilities.

The Bubble Shield would only fit some Maps as I states, probably not Live Fire. I would put a Bubble Shield on Maps like Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Deadlock, Launch Site, and High Power. Theses Maps fit a Bibble Shield being balanced.

This is funny,

these are like all the maps

The pacing was better when I could rely on cover. Halo is a slow game, if you can’t get close enough to someone to kill them in their shield, then you were outplayed and should have waited for it to expire. Wall right now serves almost no purpose, as it doesn’t block much damage at all, and doesn’t even Regen damaged sections like the old Halo 1 Covenant walls. Drop Shields in Reach were a better compromise, walls have too little coverage, too little health, yet take too long to set up to be a reaction play. Only “fun” equipment I’ve used have been the grapple and the repulsor.


Okay so you’re just telling me you aren’t very good at the game. You think Halo is slow? Man…

But yeah you can’t be reactionary with drop wall. Why should you be able to? Play proactively. Maybe then you’ll start getting faster.

That’s the problem. Functionally, the Drop Wall has more in common with the Regen Field than the Bubble Shield. And both performed better than the drop wall.

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Can we discuss this term “disrupts the flow of the game” a bit. I’ve seen it thrown around a bunch since launch and I just don’t get it.

The criticism (correct me if I’m wrong) is that the Bubble Shield changes the pace of the game. But isn’t that the point? To force player to temporarily interact differently?

I’m genuinely trying to understand why a fan favorite items is being scrutinized so harshly in favor of a something that’s hardly liked all of a sudden.


The bubble shield is the nostalgic Halo equipment, no doubt.

However, I didn’t think it was great in H3, and I don’t think it will be any good in Infinite. I didn’t find it fun at all to fight against, and only occasionally enjoyed issuing it. It is mainly used to just be a pain in the -Yoink!-, which I think is why many liked it.


The bubbleshield was SUPPOSED to change the pace. But it probably lasted too long. 5 seconds would actually be fine.

Having to be proactive with the dropwall doesn’t really make much sense, though- you can just pop its little projector and it’s dead faster than it took them to drop it.

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Exactly, perhaps if they balance a Bubble Shield, once introduced to Halo Infinite, it will only last 6 seconds then it would be balanced. This game has many open areas on Maps, Live Fire for example, dummies and OS spawn, which feels like an unfinished section of buliding. Also it would be balanced to only have a Bubble Shield in every other Game Modes or every other Map, maybe %48 of the time.

It seems like if everything you have to say is based on how good you are then you don’t align with the masses of people leaving the game. I don’t see why your input should be valued if it’s given us Infinite.


Drop shields in Reach did fine, they were mostly ignored due to armour lock supremacy, but in this enviro they’d be a fine replacement to the already-destructable drop wall.


…No, it’s not that. Ask any pro player. They hate the bubble shield. Slows down the pace to a crawl.

Ok, so the complete indestructibility is a problem? Makes sense. So why no go with the Reach Drop Wall? It offered similar levels of protection, but could be destroyed with enough force. They could even make it highly vulnerable to plasma and shock if they need to give it a weakness. Also Ravager goo as a tendency to go throw walls. Or they could make the Bubble Shield smaller, so it’s harder to protect a whole team/block an entire hallway.

@CanineHippo6923 I’ve argued that the Drop Wall has more in common with the Regen Field than the Bubble Shield before.

  • Both are defensive items
  • Both all the attacker and defender to trade damage
  • The generator are exposed and can be destroyed


  • The benefits of the Regen Field aren’t lost after being shot at. The green stuff can’t be destroyed unlike the panels on the Drop Wall.
  • Also the Drop Wall can protect you from rockets and Snipers, but gets eaten alive by ARs and BRs? I understand why, but isn’t that a bit backwards?
  • The Regen Field does great against small arms fire, but beat by high DPS and 1-shot weapons.